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The End of Day Review Thumball™ was designed to help facilitators, trainers and teachers ask participants thoughtful questions about their experiences.  The questions allow participants to reflect and debrief on what they are learning.  During the course of any day, there are hundreds of interactions and decisions that can be made.  The 32 prompts on the End of Day Review Thumball will help shape your interactions and decisions for tomorrow.

How did these decisions impact you?  What could you have done better?  What were some positives to take away?This process can help shift some of the responsibility for successful processing from the facilitator to the participants. The questions can be answered in a group setting or used with individuals.

Feel free at any time to reword or alter the question provided.  Each question is simply a starting point; take it in any direction you desire.

Be creative and avoid one-word answers.  Expand on your answer as often as you can.  Allow one question to lead into full conversations.