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Pins & Trophies

Take time to notice and recognize individuals' effort and accomplishments. Recognition has been shown to improve performance 15%. A Meta-analysis of 19 reinforcement theory studies revealed an average effect of recognition on performance improvement of 15% (Stajkovic and Luthans, 1997 ). This was followed by a more comprehensive meta-analysis that examined 72 reinforcement theory studies in organizational settings that found an average effect size of social recognition on performance of 17% (Stajkovic and Luthans, 2003).  

  • You Rock Squeezie

    You Rock Squeezie

    The perfect stress squeezie for all of your Rockstar performers. This 4" long by 2.5 " tall foam squeeze will really show that you rock!


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  • Puzzle Piece Trophy

    Puzzle Piece Trophy

    This unique trophy tells its owner, and anyone who sees it, that TEAMwork really matters. Give everyone in your training session, or in a new workgroup, one of these to let them know that their contributions to the team effort are appreciated. Red foam...


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  • Certified Trainer Lapel Pins Laurel

    Certified Trainer Lapel Pins Laurel (10/set)

    Certified Trainer Lapel Pins with Laurel were specially designed for you! New trainers will proudly show off these lapel pins! The black and gold is classy, professional, and a little understated (so that will be worn!).  A great way to recognize...


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  • Top Dog Trophy

    Top Dog Trophy

    Celebrate Leadership and Achievement! Acknowledge performance excellence by awarding these whimsical Top Dog Trophies to the high achievers in your training or learning sessions. Or, give the trophy to the folks in your organization who really lead the...


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  • Oscar's Cousin Trophy

    Oscar's Cousin Trophy -- 9 inches high, Large

    And the winner is...Reward your best "performers" with these elegant statuettes to make them feel like stars. Oscar's Cousin Trophy is also a great gift to recognize "Most Dramatic Turnaround" in customer satisfaction, "Outstanding Performance" by a...


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  • Gold Star Lapel Pins

    Gold Star Lapel Pins (10/set)

    Gold Star Lapel Pins -- 10 PINS IN ONE SET Reward your "stars" with these beautiful star lapel pins. Acknowledge effort Reward achievement Invite teammates to award Star Lapel Pins to one another  Distribute multiple pins for 5-Star performances ...


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  • High Five Lapel Pin

    High Five Lapel Pins (10/set)

    High Five Lapel Pins -- 10 PINS IN ONE SET! Give one of these out to anyone who demonstrates a great achievement, a positive attitude, a major contribution, or who gives someone else a hand. Sparkly gold, metal lapel pins measures 3/4" H x 3/4" W wide,...


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  • Top Dog Squeezie

    Top Dog Squeezie

    Doggone-it! There's no need to stress when you're the top dog. Give this squeeze toy to your top dogs and all the folks to make an effort to lead the pack.  Top Dog Squeezies are great as rewards and fidget toys! Measures 4.75" tall by 2.5" wide.


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  • Certified Trainer Lapel Pin; round with star in center

    Certified Trainer Lapel Pins Gold (10/set)

    Reward achievement and promote accomplishment with these unique lapel pins that will make your Certified Trainers proud. Pins are made of metal and measuring 3/4" diam., the pins are classy, yet subtle.  Lapel Pins -- 10 PINS IN ONE SET


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  • Top Banana Squeezie

    Top Banana Squeezie

    Our Top Banana Squeezie is great for stress relief, exercise or just having fun! Distribute Top Bananas to high achievers and all the folks who work hard to make a difference. Foam squeezie stress toy measures 5.25" by 2.25"


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  • Mooy Bien Cow Squeezie

    Mooy Bien Cow Squeezie

    Nothing says Very Good like our Mooy Bien Cow Squeezie. This 4.25" tall cool cow is a great stress reliever with a great message for your talented team members. We promise smiles from both laughter and pride!


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