Train the Trainer

If you’re wondering how to train trainers, your first stop really should be Trainers Warehouse. Seasoned and new trainers rely on tools-of-the-trade to improve their skills--become better trainers, more effective presenters, and expert facilitators. Help your trainers develop their own skills, while they dedicate themselves to training others. In fact, many customers tell us that they learn to be better trainers just from reading a Trainers Warehouse catalog and browsing our blog for favorite tips and techniques. Even though we have this category dedicated to trainer-the-trainer resources, the truth is that our whole website is loaded with T3 tools. That said, the products in this group are geared specifically to helping trainers hone their skills.

  • What's My Communication Style - Self-Assessment 5 pack

    What's My Communication Style - Assessments (5 pack)


  • Zenergy 3-tone Chime

    3-tone Chime


  • What's My Leadership Style Deluxe Facilitator Set

    What's My Leadership Style Deluxe Facilitator Set


  • What's My Communication Style - Facilitator Guide

    What's My Communication Style - Facilitator Guide


  • Conflict Strategies Inventory - Facilitator Set

    Conflict Strategies Inventory - Facilitator Set


  • Trainers Starter Kit

    Trainers Starter Kit


  • Situations, Scenarios & Simulations v.2

    Situations, Scenarios & Simulations, v.2 Software


  • Workshop & Webinar Success, Online Training Course

    Workshop & Webinar Success, Online Training Course




As any trainer will tell their participants, a big part of training and learning something new is practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. On top of that, it helps to have the best-of-the-best resources, made by and for trainers. The Trainers Warehouse store is chock full of game buzzers, conversation starters, audience response participation tools, fidget toys, and memory boosters. Each of these train-the-trainer resources will help new trainers implement best practices, without spending loads of time listening to lectures. Trainers Warehouse helps trainers improve their craft simply by doing their thing.


We realize that not every tool will work for every trainer. And, every so often, we may slip up. Still, no matter what challenge we (or our customers) might face, we always do our best to figure out a positive outcome. Our customer service team’s motto is “If they’re not happy, we’re not happy.” So, we bend over backward to do right by our customers. We’ll help you find the right tool for your needs. We help get it to you in a timely fashion. And, if it’s not working for you, we’ll figure out a return or refund. Give us a try… worry-free!