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Fiddle Sets

Floating attention is thought to be an evolutionary trait. In prehistoric times, the ability to focus 100% on a single task was not entirely desirable. No matter where you work, find a set of fidget toys (a.k.a. Fiddles) that’s just right for your group. Offer a variety of fidget toys, to satisfy a range of preferences. Focus on reducing cost, sticking with favorites, keeping it quiet, professional appeal, and more.

  • Desktop Fiddle Set; in box

    Desktop Fiddle Set (set of 8 fidget toys)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our Desktop Fiddle Set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional on your desktop while they tempt your colleagues and office mates. You...


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  • One of a Kind Fiddle Set; 24-piece set

    One of a Kind Fiddle Set

    Our One of a Kind Fiddle Set is actually more like a 4 of a Kind! We've bundled six of our favorite Trainers Exclusive fiddles to save you over 45% than if they were purchased separately! You'll get 2 dozen fiddles at a great price and will get 4 each of...


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  • Walk Away Fiddle Set

    Walk Away Fiddle Set (25/set)

    Don't worry if these Fiddles "walk away"!So many customers "complain" that their Fiddles are so popular that people want to keep them. With this set, you can encourage them to do so. This low-cost Fiddle set offers plenty of finger-enticing fiddlebility...


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  • Kudos Balls

    Kudos Balls (set of 10)

    With a set of 10 Kudos stress balls, you can reward your learners' achievements and performance by giving them something to handle and squeeze. It helps them to concentrate on what they're learning, relieves stress, and reminds them that they're doing a...


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  • Bundle o' Koosh

    Bundle o' Koosh (set of 10)

    Signal that "play" is an essential part of "learn" A Bundle of Koosh in your training indicates that play is welcome AND essential to productive learning. Trainers love to use Koosh for icebreakers and reinforcement games. Koosh have about as many uses...


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  • Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Draw out learning points gleaned from your games and activities. Toss these foam stress balls to class participants and ask them to share accordingly: The "Essentials" Set: an observation (eyeball), a question (question mark), a new idea (light bulb),...


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  • Super Deluxe Fiddle Set; spilling out of bag

    Super Deluxe Fiddle Set (48/set)

    This super-versatile 48-piece collection has a little of everything. It usually contains an assortment including:  Chill Pill, Bendeez, Brain Noodles, Cheese and Mice, Smiley Guy, Flexiblox, Infinity Cube, Gyrobis, Gum Ball, Glitter Wand, Isoflex...


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  • Brain Putty; set of 50

    Brain Putty (set of 50)

    Give a personal tin of Brain Putty to everyone who's doing some thinking. Active hands mean active minds. Brain Putty is a unique compound that will bounce, plop or shatter, depending on how you manipulate it. Stretch it. Tear it. Snap it. Available in...


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  • Deluxe Fiddle Set

    Deluxe Fiddle Set (24/stress toys set)

    Deluxe Collection of 24 Fidget Toys! Our fidgets and "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do...


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  • Gold  Squeeze Star, set of 10

    Gold Squeeze Stars (set of 10)

    Recognize the unique contributions and accomplishments of each participant with this brilliant collection of Gold Stars. Double the use by inviting recipients to write their "star ideas" directly on the desktop stress reliever, as an ongoing reminder...


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  • Kitchen Sink Fiddle Set; in clear vinyl bag

    Kitchen Sink Fiddle Set (84/set)

    Colossal Collection of the BEST FIDDLES we know of!Includes everything -- but the kitchen sink! This set offers 84 fidget and stress toys in a clear tote* for easy transport. With this combination of "fiddles," there is sure to be a favorite for every...


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