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Finger Fidgets

Creativity and learning soar when we remove stress and create an environment that’s playful, energetic, and inspiring. Occupy your students' floating attention by keeping their hands busy!   Wondering how to clean your Fidget Toys? In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and our efforts to stop touching our face, we ran a sterilization test and sanitized all our fidget toys. See our blog post for the results.  Explore the FANTASTIC FIDGETS INFOGRAPHIC!

  • Mini Metal Spring Fiddle

    Mini Metal Spring Fiddle

    Just like a mini metal Slinky, this fidget toy is a great stress reliever and fidget toy for your kinesthetic learners. Stretches to 4 feet long and returns to its original shape. Size: 1" Diameter. This is a very satisfying and QUIET fiddle! Slip it on...


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  • Tangle Relax Therapy

    Tangle Relax Therapy

    Tangle® Relax Therapy reduce stress naturally with this twistable rubberized Tangle with bumpy nodes. The Tangle® Relax Therapy satisfies your fidgeting needs in a slightly smaller size than the original Tangle Therapy. It's a twisty, fun way to...


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  • Snap & Click Fiddle Toy; 2 units with multiple neon colors

    Snap & Click Fiddle

    Snap & Click is durable plastic and can be twisted and clicked into an endless variety of shapes! (very soft clicking sounds accompany each twisting action). A great stress reliever in the classroom -- or the Board room!24 links, 11" long (when...


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  • Loopeez Fidget toy


    Loopeez™ is the perfect mindless "fiddle" -- easy to manipulate without much physical or mental effort. Endlessly flip the colored plastic pieces around and around the dual axes of the rings. The colored curved pieces are molded to fit perfectly in...


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  • FlexiBlox Wooden Fidget Toy

    FlexiBlox Wooden Fidget Toy

    FlexiBlox is a colorful addition to our Fiddle collection. Stretch it, fold it, transform it into an endless variety of new 3-D shapes, without losing your learner's attention. The 12 colorful wooden blocks are tied together with a stretchy elastic cord;...


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  • Mini Glitter Wand; 5 assorted colors

    Mini Glitter Wand Fiddle Toy 6 inch

    Clear spiral tubes filled with glitter and metallic shapes floating in liquid. Tilt the wand back and forth and the sparkly solution moves slowly from end to end, making this fidget toy visually enjoyable, without being too distracting. NOTE: when...


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  • Colorful Bendable Sock Monkey

    Colorful Bendable Sock Monkey

    This colorful take on the classic sock monkey can bend into almost any pose. The plastic mini-monkeys have bendable body, arms, and legs. Monkey can hug your pen or sit on your desk! NOTE: PRICING IS PER UNIT. Stands 4 inches tall. Assorted colors,...


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  • Rainbow Magni-Stones

    Rainbow Magni-Stones (6/set)

    Rainbow Magni-Stones are magnetic Hematine (a synthetic form of Hematite) that stick together almost magically. In your hands, these powerful magnets are absolutely irresistible and make fantastic finger fiddles for your more fidgety learners! Each stone...


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  • Bendeez Fiddle; 3 color variations

    Bendeez Fiddle

    A fiddle-diddle favorite! BENDEEZ are made of a flexible rubber with a soft texture allowing them to bend into any shape imaginable! Bendeez are awesome stress relievers. Coil them like a snake, combine several to make little creatures or just wrap one...


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  • Original Metal Slinky

    Original Metal Slinky

    Everyone loves Slinky®! This original spring toy is world-famous with children all over the world. This one's the original, full-size METAL Slinky you remember from your own childhood! Slinky® stretches, snaps back, and makes a quiet, soothing...


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  • Nuts and Bolts Fiddle

    Nuts and Bolts Fiddle

    Let your students "fiddle" while they listen, think, and work. These good old fashioned nuts and bolts toys make satisfying fidget toys for young and old.Each wooden bolt is 3" long and 1" D at widest end.Pricing is for one unit which consists of 1 bolt...


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  • Helix Fidget Toy


    Use fidget toys in your classroom -- or your office -- to improve focus, reduce stress, and create a playful environment! Helix is the newest addition to our exclusive "fiddle" line. Bright marbled colors, quiet action and mindless "fiddle-ability" make...


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