Audience Response

Classroom clickers and game buzzer systems are a playful and effective way to increase participation and engagement in the learning process. Use game shows to improve memory, reinforce lesson content, and make learning fun. Audience-response-style clickers let every participant buzz in with an answer. Then, results are synthesized so teachers and trainers can get a quick understanding of who knows what. Alternatively, try a game show-style answer buzzers and embrace the excitement of competitive play. Both lend energy and excitement to classroom events. 

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Audience response answer buzzers work well for several reasons:
  1. Clickers help students stay focused on the material being presented. In part, this is because trainers using audience response systems must break from lecturing to ask questions and prompt learners to think about the content.
  2. Clickers make participation easy and fun.
  3. Anonymized results protect students who answer incorrectly from feeling embarrassed.
  4. Trainers and facilitators can gauge learning gaps at the moment, rather than waiting for tests and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.
Academic studies also support this claim: “90.9% of the students surveyed either “Agreed” or “Strongly Agreed” that Audience Response systems improved engagement and participation; 81.8% said it increased their attention span and helped them learn more effectively.” ~ Caledonian Business School, UK, Andy Sharp and Angela Sutherland


Recordable answer buzzers and classroom clickers are just one of many ways to energize the learning process. Learning specialists and brain scientists find that learning is more memorable when the process engages multiple sensory inputs – sight, sound, smell, stories, music, emotions, etc. Consequently, training tools like visual photo decks to debrief learning, individual answer boards that require writing, and tactilely interesting fidget toys are wonderful additions to a trainer’s treasure trove. Equip your learning centers with a wonderful assortment of tools for trainers that spark interest and engagement. Trainers Warehouse is your one-stop shop! We’re often told it’s like a candy store for trainers.