About Us

Our Mission

TRAINERS WAREHOUSE offers hundreds of effective, innovative and fun products for trainers and educators across all industries. Established in March 1990, Trainers remains a family-operated business that develops exclusive new products and searches the world for the best tools to help trainers achieve their goals. Popular products that improve retention and make training more engaging include game show templates and buzzers, icebreaker and team-building games,"fiddles," presentation software, debriefing tools, tactile memory joggers, and achievement rewards. Trainers Warehouse, a woman-owned business, is based in Natick, Massachusetts.
We aim to become a full resource of hard-to-find and innovative products for trainers, educators, and presenters. We strive to produce and discover quality products that bring fun and inspiration into any learning environment.

Our Story

In 1994, as a physicist, adjunct professor and gadgeteer, Michael Doctoroff left a secure job and began making picture frames full-time for the increasingly popular office cubicles. Convinced the product would be a hit, he sought his wife's blessing and converted a bedroom and basement into an office and warehouse. Office Images, Inc. was born.
One day, amidst the orders for 10 and 25 frames, in came two orders for 500 frames! Mike agreed to sell these volumes if the buyers would tell him how they planned to use them. Both gave the same answer: "My trainers like to distribute their certificates in them." Within months, Doctoroff renamed the company Trainers Warehouse and embarked on a mission to find or create products that would enable trainers to do their job better.

Incredible Growth

The company's first catalog was a 12-page, blue, black and white edition, with no more than 50 or so unusual office products, including our early versions of the DocU-Pocket. Over the past few years, the catalog has grown to a 48-page full-color resource that's loaded with helpful Training Tips, by and for trainers.
We offer over 350 products, including more than 100 exclusive offerings – our so-called "Trainers Exclusives" --   products the company has designed, developed and sold because trainers said they needed them. In addition, Trainers Warehouse has welcomed to the family over twenty employees who assist with order fulfillment, office administration, marketing, shipping, and product assembly.
Sue Doctoroff Landay, President
Mike Doctoroff, Chairman and Founder, 1934-2010

A Special Welcome Message From Our President, Sue Landay

Our Background

Susan Doctoroff Landay, President, is responsible for all Internet strategy, mailing, design, and other promotional efforts and oversees customer service activities. Susan works with the marketing team to define new product offerings. Her primary goal is to make training and learning more fun and effective.
Prior to joining her father at Trainers Warehouse in July of 1997, she had several years consulting and training in the field of negotiation and another couple with a business history consulting company. Susan completed her undergraduate work at Yale University ('86) and received a graduate degree in management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University ('92). Early work experiences included advertising account work and performing as a clown for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Susan has written numerous articles, which have appeared in the Sloan Management Review, Pfeiffer Training Annual, eLearn Magazine, Smart Meetings, and Training Magazine. She also served on the board of NEMOA, the National E-tailing and Mailing Organization of America.

Honey Doctoroff, Vice-President,  is responsible for human resources, office and warehouse management, and collaboration on long-term company goals and strategy.Prior to joining her husband and daughter at Trainers Warehouse in September of 2000, she developed and administered a regional art-in-the-workplace program known as “On My Own Time,” which encouraged and celebrated employees’ personal creativity and talent. Honey earned a Bachelors Degree at Simmons College in Boston in 1959, taught elementary school, tutored children and adults as a reading specialist and served as Director of Administrative Services at the JCC of Greater Rochester.
Honey spent fifty years as a life partner and business collaborator with Trainers Warehouse founder Michael and looks forward to continuing his dream of bringing innovative, fun and effective products to teachers and trainers all over the world.
Michael Doctoroff, Founder,  was educated at Williams College with BA and MA degrees in Physics. He received an MBA degree from RIT while working at Bausch & Lomb in 1972. For the first 15 years of his career, he served as a practicing physicist, doing research and development primarily in the area of vacuum deposition of thin films for optical and microelectronics purposes. Mike's managerial skills were developed and strengthened while serving as a General Manager at Bausch and Lomb (1970-1977), the President of Balzers Corporation (1977-1981) and the VP of Strategic Planning and Engineering at Tokheim Corporation (1982-1984). Before starting the company, he served as a self-employed consultant (1985-1986). His sense of humor was hard-wired into his genes.
After a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Mike Doctoroff passed away on December 1, 2010. Mike's warmth, creativity, playfulness and intelligence have became the core values of his company. His personality became our brand, which we intend to carry on.

Sue's Tribute to her Dad

Michael Doctoroff, 1934-2010Trainers Warehouse founder and chairman Mike Doctoroff passed away on December 1, 2010, after a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).Mike's own warmth, creativity, playfulness and intelligence became the core values of his company. His personality became our brand, which we intend to carry on.He invented dozens of products that help trainers have more fun and communicate more effectively. He wrote many articles about the importance of laughter and smiling.A life-long student and tinkerer, over the years Mike studied woodworking, painting, typing, computer programming, photography, gardening. At age 65, he set out to learn Spanish so he could converse with some of his employees in their own language.
Above all, Mike was committed to communication and connection. He insisted that a live person answer every phone call, including his own: he would not allow his own calls to be screened.I feel blessed to have worked with my dad. In my dozen years at Trainers Warehouse, I had the chance to learn from him, to know him better, and to contribute to his dream of building this business.Going forward, all of us at Trainers Warehouse intend to carry on Mike's mission of helping people learn and laugh -- and connect.
* Sue Doctoroff Landay *

What's Next for Trainers Warehouse

Our growth continues to be fueled by the suggestions and requests made by trainers who still have not found their "perfect solution." Please continue to tell us what's missing. We will find it, make it, or brainstorm a solution with you. Your comments on our products and satisfaction with our customer service are encouraged.
-- Susan Doctoroff Landay,  President, Trainers Warehouse