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Complete Curricula

Save time on course development with ready-to-use courses, templates, webinars, games, and handouts. Customize the ready-to-go courses with your own graphics, and personal touches. You'll be ready to deliver your training courses in a fraction of the time.

  • Every 20 Minutes

    Every 20 Minutes Presentation Break Software

    Don't let their brains get weary! Brain researchers tell us that frequent mental breaks improve our ability to remember. Ideal breaks should... Be off-topic Get your right and left brain communicating Help the blood circulate Relax the body Make you...


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  • Transitions for Training

    Transitions for Training

    Use humor to set a positive tone and get your learners on board with your classroom norms and rules. Help your group shift seamlessly between learning segments. You'll find 50 humorous image+text slides and three music videos to set the tone and the...


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  • Breakthrough Thinking, 1-day workshop

    Breakthrough Thinking, 1-day workshop

    Breakthrough Thinking: A fully designed and resourced, one-day experiential learning workshop! Are you interested in teaching and developing the skills of innovation, creative thinking and creative problem-solving? This is a practical, fast-paced and...


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  • Complete Training Library

    Complete Training Library

    A $101,796 value! This professional training library includes download access* to 204 course kits (individually $499 each), plus course updates and new releases. Enjoy lifetime access to these fully customizable training materials. COMPLETE...


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  • Developing Others Through Coaching, 1-day workshop

    Developing Others Through Coaching, 1-day workshop

    This is a one-day workshop designed to help you work with others to develop their performance. Whether you are a learning and development professional, a manager, a supervisor or a team leader, these skills will help you to be able to notice people's...


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  • Complete Training Kit

    Complete Training Kit: The Basics

    NOTE: Allow 3-4 weeks delivery time Ready-to-go Training Kits! These extraordinary kits by Training Wheels Inc., experts in team building, are filled with a variety of portable team-building games, which utilize a wide range of props and simulations...


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  • KnowledgeCity Online Video Training

    KnowledgeCity Online Video Training

    From basic procedures to leadership training, KnowledgeCity®'s online learning platform makes training easy. Employee training has skyrocketed, costing businesses worldwide billions every year. These organizations have turned to learning management...


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  • Workshop & Webinar Success, Online Training Course

    Workshop & Webinar Success, Online Training Course

    Have you considered running workshops, but not sure where to start? Does the thought of running a webinar feel daunting to you? Don't worry! Workshop University's Founder & CEO Jean M. DiGiovanna has devised a simple, step-by-step process to turn...


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