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Leadership & Management

Equip leaders and managers with the tools they need to foster team development, coach younger employees, cater to different styles, improve communication, and develop a happy, productive work environment.

  • Be a Leader Thumball Be a Leader Thumball

    Be A Leader Thumball

    Look under your thumb and share! The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for...


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  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards

    Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards

    The great news is that we can all develop our emotional intelligence and the higher your own EQ, the more you encourage and elicit emotionally intelligent responses and behavior in those around you -- a real win-win situation. Used in many organizations...


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  • Everyday Leadership Cards Everyday Leadership Card

    Everyday Leadership Cards

    Writing and discussion cards galore Help build leadership skills and instill a leadership attitude. The 120 prompts are sorted into 9 categories are perfect for daily discussions, team meetings, coaching, classroom use, and more. Although the deck was...


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  • We Connect Cards; sample cards We Connect Cards; sample cards

    We Connect Cards

    We Connect Cards are good For: Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarchies, Fighting turnover, Conferences and events. 3 COLOR-CODED QUESTION CARDS:  A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and...


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  • Conflict Resolution Thumball

    Conflict Resolution Thumball

    The Conflict Resolution Thumball has 32 different conflict resolution or peer mediation questions pre-printed on the panels of the ball.Invite your group to sit or stand in a circle. Read the group a conflict scenario and then ask them to toss the ball...


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  • ExpressPack ExpressPack


    Help speed up interactions and conversation in groups that need a spark to ignite them! ExpressPack is an image/metaphor-based tool in the form of a pack of 53 playing cards. The wide range of photo images included provides an excellent resource to help...


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  • Feedback that Works Set

    Feedback that Works

    This easy-to-use card deck works as a teaching aid, a memory jogger, and a facilitation tool to guide leaders in the best practices for giving feedback. It's a lead-it-yourself toolkit focusing on the “SBI feedback framework”...


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  • Leader's Edge Development Cards Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Integrate new leadership skills into your repertoire Each week, pick a card from this 52-card deck and challenge yourself to develop that skill, using the suggestions provided. Alternatively, select a game from the facilitation notes and engage your...


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  • Personality Style at Work

    Personality Style at Work

    Personality is your most important business "skill" and it isn't even a skill! Only when you develop a keen understanding of your personality style—and the styles of the people you deal with—will you reach your full potential as a business...


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  • The EQ Game The EQ Game; set

    The EQ Game

    Practice emotional intelligence skills! Take turns picking one of the EQ Game 50 Situation Cards and reading it aloud. The fun and learning begin when players choose a Self-Awareness Card that describes how they're feeling, then select a few EQ...


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  • Climer Cards, Teambuilding and Facilitation Tool Climer Cards, Teambuilding and Facilitation Tool; in use

    Climer Cards

    Climer Cards are a versatile teambuilding and creativity tool! Use a deck of Climer Cards with groups to increase conversation around a certain topic. Using the power of metaphors, the result is a meaningful dialogue that helps people connect and...


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