Time Management

Manage meeting and learning time with large visible clocks that keep everyone on track! Trainers Warehouse has specially selected our favorite office timers that are easy-to-see and easy-to-use. Learning timers might seem like a disconnect for office use, but they can help live and online meetings or training participants to stay on track and use time wisely. Help groups understand the value of time with a Mayo Jar demonstration or quick ring of a meeting chime.

  • 3-Tone Meeting Chime by Trainers Warehouse

    Meeting Chime


  • 1-Tone Zenergy Woodstock Chime

    1-Tone Chime


  • Round TUIT Tokens Front and Back

    Round TUIT Tokens (24/set Wooden)


  • 'Round TUIT Tokens in hand

    Round TUIT Tokens - Navy and Gold (24/set Wooden)


  • Zenergy 3-tone Chime

    3-tone Chime


  • Time Timer, 8-inch - front angle view

    Time Timer 8 inch


  • Time Timer, 12-inch - front view

    Time Timer 12 inch


  • Mayo Jar, with sand, pebbles, and golf balls

    Mayo Jar, a Lesson in Time Management


  • Time Trial

    Time Trial Online




Time is a limited and critical resource for individuals and organizations. To make the most of every minute, use office timers and chimes as both visual and auditory signals. Over time (pun intended), participants will experience the benefits of learning timers and hopefully become more cognizant of their own time management.


I suppose we’re so sensitive to the need for educational timers for two reasons. First, our broad array of playful training is purposely designed to help trainers and learners get lost in the learning process. In fact, our goal is to make learning so much fun that participants forget they’re in training or in school. Second, we realize that time is a critical resource for companies—wasted time is wasted money for organizations. And, for individuals, time wasted at work often means time away from family, friends, hobbies, and the pleasantries of life. So, we encourage you to shop first for Game Show Buzzers, Team Building Activities, and Conversation-Starter Thumballs. Then, top off your purchase with learning timers that will help you stay on track!