Equip your training and learning centers with a range of diversity lesson plans and tools that promote understanding of differences, build an appreciation of varying styles, improve emotional intelligence, foster communication, and establish trust. Tackling tough topics, like bullying and respect in the workplace, can be a daunting prospect, but our innovative diversity resources help to start important conversations, build relationships, and foster a culture of understanding and kindness. Have fun while creating a positive environment for all!


  • Diversity Thumball

    Diversity Thumball


  • UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts - THUMBNAIL

    UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts


  • Diversity UNZiP-it!

    UNZIP-it! with Diversity Conversation Card Deck


  • ULEAD Cards; cards coming out of tin box

    ULEAD Cards


  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards

    Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards


  • Onward and Upward Thumball

    Change Management Thumball


  • Community Puzzle; example of colored pieces

    Community Puzzle - Individually Packaged


  • The EQ Game for Emotional Intelligence Training

    The EQ Game


  • Holstee Reflection Cards

    Holstee Reflection Cards to Spark Conversation


  • What's My Leadership Style Deluxe Facilitator Set

    What's My Leadership Style Deluxe Facilitator Set


  • HRD DISC Style Assessments, 5-pack paper assessment

    HRD DISCStyles Assessments, 5-pack paper assessment




Big smiles lead to big results! As a trainer, your job is to encourage participants to focus, open up, and get engaged. When covering serious topics like diversity and inclusion, maintaining a format that bridges play and purpose can be a challenge. Our diversity lesson plans give you a format that’s fun for everyone, while ensuring that the poignant message comes across clearly. The simple truth is that traditional lectures often go in one ear and out the other; and poorly-facilitated discussions can easily go off the rails, causing more harm than good. Depend on diversity resources like Diversity Thumballs to address issues of bullying and respect in the workplace, engage participants, and build stronger relationships.


Positive reinforcement is so powerful. After holding any sort of training session, let the team know that their time and effort is valued. Giving awards and recognition for employees, like pins and trophies, shows your gratitude and will naturally encourage learners to take the lessons to heart. Whether your training involves diversity and inclusion or any other topic, these simple tools help reinforce the lessons taught. Browse our other meeting supplies to make every discussion more fun and effective. Support your diversity lesson plans by ordering your diversity and inclusion resources in bulk, so you’re always prepared for the next session.