Team Building Games

Creating cohesive teams that know how to cooperate, communicate, and support one another is key to a productive and positive work environment. Fortunately, Trainers Warehouse has an extensive catalog of team building games designed to help corporate trainers and managers foster more cohesive teams in a fun and effective manner. Whether you're forming, storming, norming, or performing, you’ll find the team building equipment that’s right for your group at Trainers Warehouse!

  • Helium Stick & Facilitation Notes

    Helium Stick


  • UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts - THUMBNAIL

    UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts


  • Icebreaker Thumball

    Icebreaker Thumball


  • Pipeline Challenge by Trainers Warehouse

    Pipeline Challenge


  • Team Dynamics Thumball

    Team Dynamics Thumball


  • Create-Your-Own Thumball with Permanent Marker

    Create-your-own Thumball 6" w/ Permanent Marker


  • We Connect Cards; sample cards

    We Connect Cards


  • Who's First?  V8 Wireless Game Buzzer System Light Tower & Pads

    Who's First?® v3 Wireless Game Buzzer System


  • Shaped by Our Past Thumball

    Shaped by Our Past Thumball


  • Everyday Leadership Cards

    Everyday Leadership Cards


  • TeamWRITER - beside box



  • ULEAD Cards; cards coming out of tin box

    ULEAD Cards



  • The "best" game depends on your goals, the amount of time you have, and your budget. In terms of goals, consider whether you're trying to raise awareness, build camaraderie, develop specific skills such as communication, listening, problem-solving, etc. This How to Select a Team Building Game Infographic should help you get started.
    • Trainers EXCHANGE - find 100s of prompts to break the ice, get to know the group better, dig into a deeper topic, debrief an exercise, or energize your group. From the dozens of themes loaded into the TrainersExchange, you can select six and create your own customized game.
    • UNZiP-it! Remote - For an easy virtual icebreaker, share your screen to reveal a playful PowerPoint presentation that lets you press a button and randomly choose a conversation prompt. UNZiP-it Remote, by Trainers Warehouse, is available for a variety of topics: Common Ground, Getting to Know You, Onward & Upward (dealing with Change), Favorites, Session Openers, and more to come
    • Murder Mystery - Online: Use this popular 30-minute Murder Mystery game to improve communication skills, team building, problem-solving, leadership, and more. Send one or more of the 27 clues to each participant and challenge them to find the murderer, victim, time & place of the murder, and motive in 15 minutes -- without writing anything down and using only verbal communication. If you have a large group, do make use online breakout rooms. After each team plays, they can select a spokesperson to share their team's experience with the rest of the group.
    • Zin Obelisk - Online: A challenging mathematical puzzle Is made even more complex, by using made-up words in the fictitious, ancient city of Atlantis, where a solid, rectangular obelisk -called a zin - was built in honor of the goddess Tina. The structure took less than two weeks to complete and the group’s task is to determine the day of the week on which the obelisk was completed. For virtual play, email a few clues to each player and try to sort it out over the phone--maybe with a shared online whiteboard! After all clear phone communication is more important now than ever! Normally, teams consist of 5-8 players. If you have a larger group of people you can use online breakout rooms. After each team plays, they can select a spokesperson to share their team's experience with the rest of the group.
    • Colourblind - Online: Virtual Teams of ideally 6 - 14 members gather and share knowledge to identify 2 colored abstract shapes that are missing from a complete set. If you have a larger group of people you can use online breakout rooms. After each team plays, they can select a spokesperson to share their team's experience with the rest of the group. The communication processes involved are much more complex and take participants through increasingly sophisticated patterns of active listening until the task is achieved. Individuals draw on their experience and descriptive skills to explain to each other abstract shapes that they can see on their screens, but cannot share with others. They use feedback and clarification skills to ensure that their understanding is accurate.
    More including some wonderful games from our friends at Northgate, in the UK.
  • Some of the more sophisticated games include facilitation notes that are quite robust, and generally worth the expense. That said, we've collected a whole bunch of games shared online by our training colleagues.We share those free teambuilding games here.


We have plenty of games and activities for any occasion, which will help new and existing team members have fun while building solid connections along the way. Explore team building tools, like the Helium Stick to foster greater cooperation, the Session Openers Thumball to build rapport, or the Tabletop Whaddya Know? Game to learn about organizational history, workplace rules, or company systems.

Our company team building activities are great for any occasion! Whether you're getting to know each other, improving communication, or tackling team effectiveness, choose the perfect game for your group. For tips, check out our Product-Picker Infographic: CHOOSE THE PERFECT TEAM BUILDING GAME.


What once began as a humble idea to create picture frames in 1990 has exploded into a business, catering to the needs of today’s trainers and educators. Our collection of company team building activities includes over 500 training tools, dozens of team building tools, and more than 100 high-quality Trainers Exclusives, giving you ample opportunity to create a workplace culture of positivity and cooperation. Explore Trainers Warehouse for the perfect team building games.