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Communication & Listening

Communication, listening, selling your ideas, and working together across cultural divides are critical to organizational success. Expand your repertoire with developmental training books, videos, and resources to improve your skills and those of your teams.

  • Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Look under your thumb, share, and get happy at work! The Get Happy at Work Thumball discussion prompts help create a more positive workplace by allowing colleagues to share goals, discuss challenges, and build relationships. Focusing on Positive Emotion,...


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  • Big Book of Customer Service Training Games

    Big Book of Customer Service Training Games

    The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games, by Peggy Carlaw, Vasudha K. Deming, will help your employees to excel in dealing with the public with this stimulating, fun-filled collection of customer service training games. Designed not only to teach...


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  • Customer Service Counts DVD

    Customer Service Counts DVD

    Use this funny customer service training video to teach your employees the customer service skills you want them to know AND the attitude that puts customers first. Loyal, happy customers and clients are the foundation of your success. The best customer...


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  • Simbols Teambuilding Game

    Simbols Effective Communication Skill Development Game

    Simbols is a powerful learning tool that addresses communication skills, team planning and implementation, process improvement and team leadership. In this 45-minute exercise, players receive printed coloured cards with a variety of shapes and...


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  • Situations, Scenarios & Simulations v.2

    Situations, Scenarios & Simulations, v.2 Software

    Learning activities perfectly suited to your content! The closer learning is to real work situations, the better the learning transfers to the real world. Real-world relevance is why LearningSim's 5-Step Simulations strike the perfect balance of...


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  • Chainlink Toolbox

    Chainlink Toolbox

    An exercise in managing the demands of being in an internal supply chain, and how to cope with meeting customer needs while managing suppliers. Chainlink replicates some of the pressures of being 'a link' in an internal supply chain. Few people working...


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  • Communication Skills: What Everyone NEEDS to Know (DVD)

    Communication Skills: What Everyone NEEDS to Know

    Effective communication is the difference between productivity and chaos in the workplace. There are basic skills you must learn and apply to ensure your message is understood every time. But too often we forget the fundamentals as we rush to complete...


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  • Counter Intelligence; in use

    Counter Intelligence

    Counter Intelligence™ is a group problem-solving exercise that focuses on task supervision: establishing and controlling a process, giving clear instructions, asking for and summarizing inputs and setting out next steps. This activity works well at...


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  • Customer Service Telephone Connection DVD

    Customer Service Telephone Connection DVD

    Excellent telephone customer service doesn't just happen. It requires dedication, skill and enthusiasm Your voice, responsiveness, and product knowledge are the only tools you have to convey the right impression and build customer loyalty over the...


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  • Dealing with the Irate Customer

    Dealing with the Irate Customer (DVD)

    This customer service video teaches skills that help turn angry customers into satisfied customers. It's hard to keep your cool when dealing with difficult customers. After all, it's only human to get defensive and fight back -- or cave in and give them...


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  • Learning to Listen Participant Guide

    Learning to Listen Participant Guide

    Learning to Listen Participant Guide: Order 1 per participant. Statistics show that people remember only half of what they hear, even moments after they've heard it. Surprising? The fact is that although most of us like to think we're good listeners,...


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