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Conversation Decks

Use a brilliant array of photos, quotes, questions or conversation prompts to stoke conversation, encourage metaphorical connections, play games, and build relationships.

  • ULEAD Cards; cards coming out of tin box

    ULEAD Cards

    Use ULEAD cards to facilitate workshops, run group activities, conduct icebreaker activities, or just have fun. This multi-faceted 52-card deck has 12 different elements to assist with teaming, relationship building, debriefs, conversation and more...


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  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards

    Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Cards

    The great news is that we can all develop our emotional intelligence and the higher your own EQ, the more you encourage and elicit emotionally intelligent responses and behavior in those around you -- a real win-win situation. Used in many organizations...


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  • Everyday Leadership Cards

    Everyday Leadership Cards

    Writing and discussion cards galore Help build leadership skills and instill a leadership attitude. The 120 prompts are sorted into 9 categories are perfect for daily discussions, team meetings, coaching, classroom use, and more. Although the deck was...


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  • We Connect Cards; sample cards

    We Connect Cards

    We Connect Cards are good For: Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarchies, Fighting turnover, Conferences and events. 3 COLOR-CODED QUESTION CARDS:  A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and...


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  • Choose One-thumbnail

    Choose One

    If you're on the lookout for new and unique icebreakers for meetings, trainings or classroom use, Choose One, by Loony Labs should be in your toolkit. Choose One is a compact board game that is a quick and fun way to kick off any icebreaker session...


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  • Feedback that Works Set

    Feedback that Works

    This easy-to-use card deck works as a teaching aid, a memory jogger, and a facilitation tool to guide leaders in the best practices for giving feedback. It's a lead-it-yourself toolkit focusing on the “SBI feedback framework”...


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  • ExpressPack


    Help speed up interactions and conversation in groups that need a spark to ignite them! ExpressPack is an image/metaphor-based tool in the form of a pack of 53 playing cards. The wide range of photo images included provides an excellent resource to help...


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  • Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Integrate new leadership skills into your repertoire Each week, pick a card from this 52-card deck and challenge yourself to develop that skill, using the suggestions provided. Alternatively, select a game from the facilitation notes and engage your...


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  • Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

    Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

    The Teamwork and Teamplay Cards by team-building expert Jim Cain, let you facilitate 17 powerful team and community-building activities. Each oversized card contains six elements, making them incredibly versatile: Traditional number and card suit...


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  • Holstee Reflection Cards

    Holstee Reflection Cards to Spark Conversation

    Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships with the people in your life. Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience...


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  • Team Development Unzip-It! Set, 6 card decks

    Team Development UNZiP-It! Set

    UNZIP-it!™ and start talking about topics that matter! The Team Development UNZIP-it!™ Set puts almost 200 content-rich discussion prompts at your fingertips. Whether your team knows each other well, or are just forming new bonds, you're sure...


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  • Ubuntu Card Deck

    Ubuntu Card Deck

    "There exists a common bond between us all..." Connect your groups in a myriad of ways with conversation starters, icebreakers and introductions, experience processing, and more. Find 54 cards in each deck, plus a guide book with over 32 activities. In...


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