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Debrief & Review Tools

Make sure meeting time is not wasted time!  Use debrief and review tools to mprove memory and retention. Equip participants with tools, memory-joggers, and reminder notes to keep everyone on-task and ake sure To-Do items get done!Product-Picker Infographic:  DEBRIEF & REVIEW

  • Round TUIT Tokens by Trainers Warehouse ; 3 colors (front and back)

    Round TUIT Tokens, Multi-Pack (24/set)

    ROUND TUITS -- 24 multi-colored TUITS IN ONE PACK. 3 STYLES/COLORS.Get "a round TUIT"! There's no better way to say "Don't procrastinate! Do it NOW" than with a "A ROUND TUIT." With each passing day, students forget a little bit of what they learned...


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  • Question Mark Stress Toy

    Question Mark Stress Toy

    Draw out learning points gleaned from your games and activities. Toss these foam stress balls to class participants and ask them to share accordingly.3.5", foam


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  • Elephant Sandbag

    Elephant Sandbag

    Use this adorable 3"x6" fabric Elephant filled with sand as a game accessory, throwable, or stress toy. It's a "beanbag" with a hidden agenda -- use it as a way to ensure they'll remember your lesson, just like the proverbial elephant that never forgets...


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  • I Got This Notepads

    I Got This Notepads (4 pads/set)

    Don't leave follow-up to chance! I GOT THIS Notepads are ideal for debrief and review of training sessions, classes and seminars. Whether you are a coach, trainer, teacher or presenter, hand these notes out to your participants so they can quickly jot...


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  • Community Puzzle; example of colored pieces

    Community Puzzle - Individually Boxed

    Build community one piece at a time! Break the ice and build community spirit! Hand out one puzzle to each group of participants, and ask them to illustrate their puzzle piece(s) with images that represent their company, role, values, challenges, or...


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  • Debriefing Thumball

    Debriefing Thumball

    The Debriefing Thumball helps facilitators ask debriefing questions in a proper sequence that makes sense to participants. It can also shift some of the responsibility for successful processing from the facilitator to the participants. The sequence of 1...


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  • Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Draw out learning points gleaned from your games and activities. Toss these foam stress balls to class participants and ask them to share accordingly: The "Essentials" Set: an observation (eyeball), a question (question mark), a new idea (light bulb),...


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  • Ear stress toy; front and back

    Foam Ear, Light-toned

    As a review and debrief, ask a student about something they heard. Or use the foam ear as a prop in lesson about communication and active listening. 4" long, foam


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  • Laminated Speech Bubbles

    Laminated Speech Bubbles (12/pk)

    These oversized, laminated, dry-erase speech bubbles are great for getting attention. After a training session or a meeting, have folks share questions and concerns that remain, key ideas to remember and areas of interest to explore further. They are...


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  • Tabletop Whaddaya Know? Game

    Tabletop Whaddaya Know? Game

    Turn your students into teachers! They can make their own Jeopardy game by creating their our own questions, answers, and categories with Tabletop Whaddaya Know? Game. Jeopardy-like games continue to win big in the classroom. And, what better way for...


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  • Blank Playing Card Deck, Bicycle Brand

    Blank Playing Card Deck, Bicycle Brand

    Make your own learning magic in the classroom. This authentic Bicycle brand deck of cards is the real thing -- except for their BLANK faces! Create your own game with questions, symbols, point values, etc by writing on the blank face with permanent...


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