Icebreaker Thumball

Break the ice and start conversations the easy way.

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Break the ice, dispupt the silence and start chatting. Look under your thumb and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications!

The Icebreaker Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 32 panels pre-printed with fun icebreaker phrases suited for adults and teens: Best Place to Live, Worst Job Ever, People that Make you Laugh, Fantasy Vacation, Best Concert, TV Shows to Love or Hate, and more. (See all items below.) Use it to stimulate conversation, promote team spirit, and boost flagging energy.

Icebreaker Thumball prompts

  1. Magazine I read
  2. Season I enjoy most
  3. Something I wear again and again
  4. Mountains I want to climb
  5. Ideal car
  6. Places I've been swimming
  7. People I admire
  8. Foods I can cook
  9. Worst job ever
  10. Fantastic fruits
  11. Fun card game
  12. Farthest place I've traveled
  13. Beautiful beach I want to see
  14. Animated film I'd view again
  15. Chinese food I always order
  16. Favorite candy treats
  17. Favorite nursery rhyme or fairy tale
  18. Museum I'd visit
  19. TV channels I like
  20. What makes me laugh
  21. Olympic events I watch
  22. Concert or play I want tickets for
  23. Best Italian foods
  24. Finest Fast food
  25. Sports championship I watch
  26. Two cookies I enjoy
  27. Something I like about my hometown
  28. A wedding I remember
  29. Music my parents like
  30. Board game I would pick


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  • 5
    Great way to start our shifts

    Posted by TJ on Jan 29th 2020

    We use it at least twice daily for our shift huddles

  • 5
    Fun Icebreaker!

    Posted by Nancy on Jun 7th 2018


  • 5
    Looking forward to using the thumballs

    Posted by WCCU Ellen on May 24th 2018

    We bought three thumballs and will be using them for training.

  • 5
    Love all of these balls!

    Posted by Chris on Sep 10th 2017

    Great way to engage a group when energy levels are down in the late afternoon and early evening. Non-threatening way for high-risk participants to open up about themselves.

  • 5
    Fun item

    Posted by n/a on May 16th 2017


  • 5
    Moral booster is a great investment

    Posted by Mr. HR on Apr 24th 2017

    I use it as an ice breaker and it enables staff to get to know one another.

  • 5

    Posted by Craig on Jan 7th 2017

    Perfect for group therapy bonding by getting to know one another better.

  • 5
    My students love this! (middle school)

    Posted by Marcia on Sep 2nd 2016

    Used it on the first few days of school with 6th grade students.

  • 5

    Posted by Seymour on Jul 12th 2016

    The Icebreaker thumball is an excellent way to start off a new group of trainees. It offers an immediate way to get aquainted with one another, especially for introverts, that eases the stress of being with a group of strangers. Removing this stress makes it easier to focus on the classroom presentation.