Prize Wheels

Increase participation, award prizes, and make meetings fun with customizable large prize wheels. Design each wedge of the prize spinners with giveaways, topics, team names, lunch options, participant names, and more. Facilitators and trainers use prize wheels to get participants up and moving so they're physically involved in the process and excited to participate.

  • Spin to Win 24" Prize Wheel

    Spin to Win 24" Prize Wheel


  • Plinko Prize Board;BLACK

    Plinko Prize Board


  • Travel Case 31-inch Prize Wheel

    Travel Case for 31 inch Prize Wheel


  • Mini Plinko Prize Board; black

    Mini Plinko Prize Board


  • Micro Prize Wheel;  14 in. diam.

    Micro Prize Wheel 14" diameter


  • Prize Wheel (18-Pocket) Tabletop/Floor model; in use

    Prize Wheel (18-Pocket, 31 in. diameter) Tabletop&Floor model


  • LIGHT-UP Prize Wheel with 12- to 24-Slots; customized

    12- to 24-Slot Floor Stand Prize Wheel w/LIGHTS


  • Carry Case for Mini Plinko Prize Board; closed

    Carry Case for Mini Plinko Prize Board


  • Mini Prize Wheel -  20 in. diam.

    Mini Prize Wheel 20 in. diam.


  • LIGHT-UP 12- to 24-Slot Tabletop Prize Wheel; tabletop

    LIGHT-UP 12- to 24-Slot Tabletop Prize Wheel


  • Mini Prize Wheel Carrying Bag

    Mini Prize Wheel Carrying Bag




Build a dynamic training environment with your very own large prize wheels. Your creative prize games are guaranteed to foster excitement and broad participation in learning activities. Moreover, by getting participants actively involved in their learning experience, you can activate more areas of the brain, so the learning will be “stickier.” Choose an extra large prize wheel, smaller tabletop wheel spinners, light-up or standard, dry-erase or printed prizes—whichever version best suits the unique needs of your training group. Take it one step further and pair your prize wheel with additional corporate training game activities, like Whaddaya Know? Jeopardy-style game, audience response buzzer system, or Plinko. Then, your students will never forget you or the material you presented to them!


Beyond prize wheels, scratch-off stickers, and game show accessories, shop over 300 unique Trainers Warehouse products that are sure to create a positive learning environment:
  • Signage solutions – make learners feel welcome and help them find their way to their assigned rooms and tables.
  • Fidget toys – occupy fidgety fingers and help your learners stay more focused.
  • Conversation starters – get started with rich conversations that will break the ice or build deeper bonds among participants.
Trainers Warehouse offers curated products from around the world and develops one-of-a-kind products made especially for corporate trainers and facilitators—no matter what topic you teach. We work hard to make sure that every item we sell is sturdy, reliable, effective, and fun. If you’re ever unsure about a product, please give it a try, knowing that every sale comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, neither are we!