Transformative Training Deck

45-card training design tool

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Get ready to transform your training! The Transform Card Deck is a practical tool for learning designers, trainers and educators to transform their learning content into memorable and engaging experiences. Spice up your training w interactive games, activities, and formats.

The Transform Deck is not a set of specific activities designed for particular settings but rather 5 categories of activities that can help you design your own training modules quickly and easily. While the deck won't create your training for you, it will provide inspiration and streamline your design process.


  • 7 gray how-to cards guide you through the process and help you make best use of the deck
  • 45 cards sorted into 5 categories
    1. ASSESS - tools to help learners assess a variety of options (blue)
    2. ARRANGE - ways your group can arrange or structure new materials (purple)
    3. CREATE - exercises to develop and create new ideas and thinking (red)
    4. SOLVE - activities and tools to integrate puzzles and challenges (green)
    5. APPLY - tools to help participants apply learning to their real world (orange)


Each of the 45 activity cards represents a way to turn content into engaging activities. The first 5 elements are found of the front of the card. The last 2 will be on the back of the card.

  1. NAME of the transformative training tool
  2. BRIEF DESCRIPTION explains what learners will do
  3. ICON helps you quickly find favorite cards
  4. PURPOSE explains why you might use the tool 
  5. NUMBERS cross-reference this tool with 6 others it would work well with
  6. EXAMPLE shares ways to use the tool (back of card)
  7. TIPS offers keys to using this method effectively (back of card)

The How-To cards offer offer multiple ways to shuffle, combine, lay out, and play. Whatever sort of learning you create, the Transform Deck will help you design memorable, enjoyable and effective experiences.


As a training design assistant, the deck will inspire you to create your own amazing training activities. Each card provides a balance between specific and general tips--specific enough to give you direction and help you understand how it could be applied, but general enough to allow for lots of freedom in making it work in your specific circumstances, and with your style.

The cards don't tell you exactly how to create and run specific activities, but examples on each card make sure you're not in any doubt or confusion.

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A power-boost for your brain

"I've been designing training for years and consider myself to be pretty creative. The Transform Deck REALLY accelerates the creative process and opens up new possibilities in an almost effortless way. Even though I've only used them in a simple way so far, they really have expanded my thinking, helped me to make new connections and reminded me of less-often used techniques. Brilliant to use when you're designing alone, and we're really looking forward to using them as a community. If you're looking for countless ways to spice up your training design, I can 100% recommend them."  ~ Sheridan Webb

Transformative Training Deck

MSRP: $99.00
Was: $99.00
Now: $69.30
(You save $29.70 )
Adding to cart… The item has been added