Everyday Leadership Cards

Instill a leadership attitude in adults and teens with 120+ prompts

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Writing and discussion cards galore

Help build leadership skills and instill a leadership attitude. The 120 prompts are sorted into 9 categories are perfect for daily discussions, team meetings, coaching, classroom use, and more. Although the deck was initially developed for teens and young adults, the prompts are appropriate for adults, organizational leaders, and managers.

9 CATEGORIES:  The Everyday Leadership deck is comprised of 12-16 prompts in each category. Shuffle the deck and choose a card from all the categories, or focus on the ones most important for you and your team:

  1. Qualities of Leadership – Explore the characteristics and expectations of leaders and leadership.
  2. Working with Others – Explore what it takes to successfully work with others, from teambuilding to delegating.
  3. Self-Awareness – Explore personal values, talents, and what makes each person uniquely capable of handling different situations.
  4. Power Play – Explore the role and impact of power and influence as they relate to leadership.
  5. Creative Thinking & Risk Taking – Explore ways to try new things and new approaches.
  6. Social Issues – Explore contemporary issues that leaders may encounter and ways to make positive change in large and small ways.
  7. Communication – Explore what it takes to be a strong communicator, from active listening to successfully expressing an opinion.
  8. Doing the Right Thing – Explore ethics, role modeling, and integrity, while strengthening decision-making skills.
  9. Leadership Through Time – Explore how perspectives on leaders and leadership have changed over time and ways leaders leave their mark in history.

MYRIAD OF USES: Whether working with teams at the office or teen groups, use Everyday Leadership Cards to:

  • Help group members learn and apply productive conflict resolution skills
  • Explore current events
  • Provide opportunities to explore how people with divergent views thoughtfully express opinions
  • Resolve differences between colleagues or friends
  • Discuss personal values
  • Explore ways to act with honesty and integrity in difficult situations

Everyday Leadership Cards

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