Classroom Set of 12 Quick Response Whiteboards w/ mini-erasers

Answer Boards PERFECT for ALL teachers and trainers!

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Use our Quick Response Student White Boards to see who's learning what… and who's not getting it! Encourage participation with this fun and effective individual dry erase boards class set. They’re a huge hit with students and educators, as every individual gets to contribute to the conversation. These super-sturdy, dry-erase, TWO-sided whiteboards are great for conducting icebreaker activities, casting votes, answering questions, rating or ranking items, sharing game answers, and more. You’ll be surprised by how often you pull out your answer boards!


  • Set includes 12 Quick Response Whiteboards with blue handles and 12 mini-erasers
  • Ultra durable and sturdy construction.
  • Two-sided student white boards with dry erase surfaces.
  • Handles have holes for simple and convenient storage.
  • Whiteboard Writing Surface Dimensions: 6" x 7.75".


By calling on the first person to answer, everyone else in the room stops thinking on their own. The beauty of answer boards is that they allow every person to think and write an answer. Consider these tips to maximize use of your individual dry erase boards class set:

  • Give people ample time to think of answers, and write them down.
  • Consider “stand-pair-share” to get people moving and engaged in a meeting or learning event.
  • Use student white boards for ice-breakers and energizers. Ask each person to jot down a goal, concern, or favorite quote. Or, for instance, ask people to write where they're from, then find the person who lives closest/farthest from them.
  • Involve in-person and remote learners with student answer boards
  • Entertain kids on long car rides with the travel-friendly individual dry-erase white boards

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We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of innovative products for trainers, teachers, and managers. Browse all of our games for learners to discover new, fun ways to keep your students or team engaged. In addition to these student white boards, we have plenty of accessories for response boards, including markers, erasers, extra boards, and more. Give everyone a voice, and improve communication with this individual dry erase boards class set!


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  • 5
    Great for Training needs

    We use for ice-breakers in our meetings.

  • 5
    Class loved these!

    We were looking at practice questions and each student would write their answers on the whiteboard and then show me when complete. Then we had a discussion as a class if he right answer. Encouraged participation from everyone with no pressure calling on any individual.

  • 5
    These are great for quick feedback

    I asked my group to use these to write down their feedback on colleagues as they shared activities. They had to write something they liked on one side and something they would like to see next time on the other. We were able to give each trainee quick, positive feedback, and keep the class moving. Very effective.

  • 5
    Awesome Tool

    Great tool for reviewing classroom information. I put a question up on the screen, and the class gives the answer. Have wanted to order these for a long time, glad I took the plunge.