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Game Buzzers

If you ask a question and get an answer from the first to respond, everybody else stops thinking. Increase learning by 1) extending the time you wait before giving away answers; and 2) have everyone answer by using quick response boards or audience survey clickers. That way, every learner will have the benefit of thinking through an answer AND you’ll discover who knows what.  Explore more... 

Compare Who’s First & Me First Game Show Buzzers   *   First-Hand Experience using Me First with Middle School Students  *   Facilitating a Jeopardy Game

  • Answer Buzzers; set of 4 colors/sounds

    Answer Buzzers (set of 4) - 4 different FUN sounds

    Buzzers turn any lesson into a game! Get students actively engaged as you find out what they know. This set of 4 buzzers gives you a variety of fun sounds and color. One gives a horn honk, the second has a boxing ring bell, the third rings like a...


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  • The No! Button

    The No! Button

    The No! button is a handy button that says "NO." A stress-reliver A voting tool A way to voice your opinion Hit the big red NO button and let it shout out 1 of 10 different No's that not only gets the point across, but usually reduces everyone to...


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  • Me First v.3 - 1 extra player PAD

    Me First v.3 Wireless Buzzer System - 1 extra player PAD

    Add-on Me First Player P.A.D.s (Personal Answer Domes) work with the Me First v.3 wireless buzzer systems #GAMFBB, or #GAMFB4. These are sold individually -- order just the number you need. Facilitator remote is needed for this product to work!Sets up to...


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  • The Yes! Button

    The Yes! Button

    The only thing more fun than saying yes is pushing a button for it.Always be prepared with a quick response! The Yes! Button lets you quickly respond to any request with the push of a button. Emphasize the positive Use as a voting tool Encourage...


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  • Slackers Ninja Timer

    Slackers Ninja Timer

    Who doesn't love a big red button? Race the clock or your opponents and complete your challenge in record time using the Slackers Ninja Timer. This timer features a digital display to make reading your time easy, while the big red button and classic...


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  • Meridia CloudVOTE logo

    Meridia CloudVOTE Audience Response

    Meridia's CloudVOTE is used with Meridia's EZ-VOTE Facilitator kit to make a complete Trainee Response System. CloudVOTE is a true cross-platform mobile polling system that allows the user to pick up any mobile device and use it in a meeting without the...


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  • Lights and Sounds Buzzers

    Lights and Sounds Buzzers (set of 4)

    Light up your classroom with these lively "ring-in" buzzers that light up and make sounds when pressed. Boost student response during any class activity or game! Sounds mimic real-world objectsa siren, a game-show buzzer, a laser and a "charge!" sound...


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  • Barnyard Answer Buzzers; with sounds

    Barnyard Answer Buzzers (set of 4 animal sounds)

    Why raise your hand when you can moo? Liven up any game with four fun animal sounds! Includes cow (Moo!), rooster (Cock-a-doodle-doo!), horse (Neigh!) and dog (Bark!) Pair these with the #GABUB Original Answer Buzzers or #GABUAB Super-Sound Buzzers to...


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  • Right & Wrong Answer Buzzers

    Right & Wrong Answer Buzzers NEW & IMPROVED (set of 2)

    Host your game show with panache! These buzzers have new and improved graphics and electronics.With the push of a button, let teams know if their answer is right or wrong. The green buttons sounds a "BING BING."  Press the red button for a loud...


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