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Practice emotional intelligence skills with this great card game

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This amazing Emotional Intelligence Activity lets players practice emotional intelligence skills! Take turns picking one of the EQ Game 50 Situation Cards and reading it aloud. The fun and learning begin when players choose a Self-Awareness Card that describes how they're feeling, then select a few EQ Skills Cards (Self-Management, Social Awareness, or Relationship Skills) that might help them deal with the sticky situation.

The purpose of the EQ game is to provide practice in emotional intelligence skills. Players pick a situation card, read it aloud, then play a Self-Awareness Card AND one or more EQ Skills Cards. After playing a round, players can discuss practical solutions to the situation, then score the round.

The game can be played by up to 8 people and requires 30-60 minutes.

The EQ Game consists of:

Situation Cards (50/deck):

    • Self-Awareness/Self-Management focused situation, followed by 2 questions;
    • Social Awareness / Relationship Skills situation, followed by 4 questions.

Response Cards:

    • Self-Awareness Cards (54 cards)
    • EQ Skills Cards (60 color-coded cards for Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills)

For trainers who may want a quick activity for a larger group of up to 25 participants, the Situation Cards can be used by themselves. The game has enough Situation Cards for up to 25 people, who can work in groups of 4-6 to discuss the situations described on the cards and figure out the emotionally intelligent way to respond.

** TIPS **

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence with The EQ Game Facilitation Suggestions

(1) Give each participant a Situation Card. Ask:

Have you ever been in this or a similar situation?
What do you need to do to handle this kind of situation?

Explain: "It takes emotional intelligence to deal successfully with these situations. We'll learn the EQ basics in four key areas, below."


 Social Awareness


 Relationship Management


(2) Introduce each competency and facilitate a discussion using these questions.

    • Self-Awareness: Ask the group:  What are some strong feelings you've experienced recently? What were the circumstances? Are you always aware of what you are feeling?
    • Self-Management: Engage the group in a discussion of any of the following topics: How to you bounce back after a setback (resilience)?  How to you manage your feelings and resources in a difficult situation? How do you get started on a difficult project (initiative)? How to you maintain a positive outlook as much as possible? How do you control your disruptive emotions and impulses?
    • Social Awareness: Engage the class in a discussion of empathy—what makes it the foundation of social awareness and how we can empathize.
    • Relationship Management: Explain that the key to managing relationships well is flexibility, calmness, kindness, and clarity. Engage the class in discussion about where they have seen others be flexible, calm, kind, and clear. Ask for specific examples.

(3) Play The EQ Game.


The EQ Game

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