Office Decathlon

120 Games for Office & Training Fun

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It’s time to PLAY outside the box with Office Decathlon - a series of Olympic-inspired physical and mental challenges.

This game set is designed to find the perfect events for your group. Whether you have new employees looking to break the ice, interoffice departments wanting to team build or just want to add some fun, Office Decathlon has the perfect games! 

Use the Office Decathalon to foster friendly competition, camerarderie and team building in a fun way.


  • 120 cards are separated into two categories. For each category, find three types of activities:
    • Small Group Activities (these are "individual" activities, suited for groups of 5 or fewer people)
      • Icebreakers
      • Just for Fun
      • Individual Challenges
    • Larger Team Events (for 6-24 participants): The Individual Event Cards are broken into the following 3 categories
      • Icebreakers
      • Just for Fun
      • Team Building
  • Each card contains and "event," an Olympic-inspired physical and mental challenge.
  • To keep track and celebrate your office decathletes, the set also include 25 scorecards and 3 medals. 
  • Easy-to-read cards measures 4"x3"
  • Game instructions included


Office Decathlon Office Supplies needed to play


  • Just for fun:  Compete at the office, over Zoom meetings or at home. Categories include Mental / Physical Challenges, Just for Fun and Icebreakers.
  • Build teams: Whether you have new employees looking to break the ice, interoffice departments wanting to team build or just want to add some fun to the office weve got you covered! Choose from events like Office Chair Bobsled, Coffee Cup Relay or Rubber Band Golf
  • Break the ice:  Help new or seasoned employees to build bonds or just beat the Monday blues. 


  • People learn best through play: This is a fun and playful way to introduce people to communication training and realize they can address challenging situations in effective ways.
  • Supports people in shifting from conflict avoidance, to collaborative engagement.
  • Can be played independently or facilitated by a trainer.


You can pull the cards you need for just a couple of "events." Or, if you'd like to conduct a whole Office Decathalon, consider these tips: 

Before you Compete

  • Choose a Master of Ceremonies to organize the event and book a large conference room, preferably with a long table and whiteboards.
  • The event cards are color-coded (see side of card box) and organized between Individual vs. Team events and in categories like Team Building, Ice Breakers and Just for Fun.
  • Choose your 10 event cards based on your group size and goals
  • Collect the required office supplies (supplies will vary depending on activity but are likely to include rubber bands, sticky notes, pencils, mugs, markers and other items typically found in office settings)
  • Assign or count off teams.
    • For 6-11 players, create teams of 3
    • For 12-18 players, create teams of 4
    • For 19-24 players, create teams of 5
  • Give teams one minute to come up with a fun team name.
  • Fill in team names and events on the scorecard.

Let the Games Begin

  • Complete each event one at a time and record scores by filling in the results and assigning places for each event. Refer to the score sheet on how points are assigned for each place.
  • Add up the points for each team and determine the overall first, second and third place winners.

Celebrate the Winners!

  • Drape the winners in their Office Decathlon medals with gold for first place, silver for second place and bronze for third place.
  • Creating podiums and playing patriotic music in the background is highly encouraged

EXAMPLE: Rubber Band Golf

1. Place a coffee mug somewhere in the office to be used as the "hole."
2. Choose a starting position at the other side of the office (or another room for an added challenge!).
3. Players shoot their rubber band from the starting position and continue from each landing position until they get their rubber band in the mug.

Office Decathlon

MSRP: $29.95
Was: $29.99
Now: $17.97
(You save $11.98 )
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