Answer Board, Marker, Eraser

Make participation easy! See who's learning what and who's not getting it!

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See who's learning what… and who's not getting it with Quick Response Whiteboards, plus marker and eraser!

Encourage participation by having participants write an answer on their Quick Response Whiteboard. They are a huge hit with students and educators, as EVERY individual gets to write an answer, cast a vote, ask questions, and offer opinions, not just the fastest ones to raise a hand or shout it out.

These super-sturdy dry-erase, TWO-sided whiteboards (5.9" x 7.75") include a bullet-tip dry-erase marker and personal mini, felt eraser. They're perfect for:

  • At home, hybrid, and in-person learning
  • Conducting icebreaker activities
  • Casting votes
  • Answering questions
  • Rating or ranking items
  • Sharing game answers

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Lightweight, convenient Hanging Rack (#WBON) for your whiteboards sold separately.


** TIPS **

By calling on the first person to answer, everyone else in the room stops thinking on their own. The beauty of Answer Boards is that they allow every person to think and write an answer. Consider these tips to maximize use of your Quick Answer Boards:

  • Give people ample time to think of answers, and write them down.
  • Consider “Stand-pair-share” to get people moving and engaged in a meeting or learning event.
  • Use Whiteboards for ice-breakers and energizers. Ask each person to jot down a goal, concern, or favorite quote. Or, for instance, ask people to write where they're from, then find the person who lives closest/farthest from them.
  • Live and remote learners can all use Answer Boards
  • Whiteboards are also fun for voting or entertaining kids on long car rides.