Toxic Waste Transfer Challenge

Moving the "toxic waste" requires creativity teamwork, and communication

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Teamwork, communication and problem solving are required to move "toxic waste" into "neutralizing containers". Using only the handles of the ropes attached to the transport basket, ten students work together to move and dump toxic waste into the neutralizing containers. Ropes are detachable and easily repositioned on the transport basket for additional problem solving opportunities.

Set includes 1 transport basket with 10 detachable ropes (each 5' long), "toxic waste" (16 balls), 2 "neutralizing containers" (green baskets) and activity guide.

Toxic Waste Transfer, like other group initiative tasks, is designed to offer “real” or “perceived” mental, physical, social and emotional challenges that are fun and rewarding. Within a trusting and supportive environment, these challenges are often successfully met through team problem solving

Toxic Waste Transfer – Activity Guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and perform the task. Sample processing questions and variations on the activity are also included. Team building activities are designed to accommodate 10 students. Modifications can be made to make the challenge easier or more difficult, depending on the skill level of participants.

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    Toxic Waste Transfer Challenge

    Posted by Crabster on Jun 24th 2012

    Was not sure at first if the group would be willing to participate fully. During debrief, even those who said they were getting bored because they had little to do, got the message about the importance of up/down and down/up ommunication.