Striped Squishy Ball - Large

Colorful and Calming Squishy Stress Relief

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The large 2.5" Striped Squishy Ball looks unique and feels great to the touch. The fidget toys promote relaxation and create a calming a effect, due to their silky soft feel. The best way we can describe it is to say that the stress relief fidget toy seems to be filled with a thick soft "blob." The blob makes it feel like you are kneading dough, without getting your hands sticky! The Striped Squishy Ball comes in multiple striped color combinations. This colorful sensory squeezy, squishy stress ball, like the Nee-doh ball, is a perfect office toy. It may be more than a handful for younger children, in which case the smaller sized ball would be preferable.

We did put one to the test and created a leak of some oozy white stuff inside.  If you put yours to the test or try to puncture it, we're sure you'll be successful as well. Bottom line: if you're equipping a meeting room with fidget toys and are concerned about how participants might stretch the limits of the Striped Squishy Ball, this might not be your best option.


  • Colorful - we stock several color patterns and pick them at random when shipped. [NOTE: Images may not indicate the color we have in stock.]
  • Large size - Approximately 2.5" these fit into the palm of mast adult hands
  • Great Pattern - The ringed color patterns remind us of the rings in Jupiter, making this look as good as it feels.
  • Quiet - we always prefer classroom and office fidget toys that are silent or "very quiet." This one fits the bill!

Trainers Warehouse "fiddles" and "fidgets" may look like toys, but facilitators and trainers often take their adult office toys pretty seriously. If you work with fidgety folks, those who have ADD/ADHD, or kinesthetic learners (that is, they learn best by doing something with their hands), don't worry! Try equipping your room with a basketful of fidget toys and see if those learners are able to focus a little better. Fidgets also reduce stress by creating a welcoming, playful environment. Trainers and teachers can do their learners a favor by encouraging the use of Fidget Toys. Many who use fidget toys swear by them. They say they're better able to focus and absorb new material!