Globe Ball

Stress Relief that put the world in your hand

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Take the weight of the world off your shoulders and into the palm of your hand! These 3" colorful foam globe stress balls are the perfect way to squeeze out all the stress this world can offer.


  • Firm foam is great as a stress reliever
  • Realistic globe lends itself to numerous learning activities
  • 3" diameter


As with any training and development tool, you can be quite clever in how you put it to use:

  • Icebreakers
    • Ask participants to share their favorite vacation spot in the whole world
    • Inquire about the farthest places they've travelled
  • Memory and Learning Reinforcement
    • Identify a location that reminds you of an important learning point
    • Locate the place of the learning center on the globe
    • Ask where (and how) you can imagine apply different lessons in different locations
    • Consider how learning/lessons might be different in other locations worldwide
  • Stress Relief
    • Squeeze the ball to activate hand muscles
    • Position the ball between your shoulder blade and a wall for a quick personal massage.
  • Playful geography lessons
    • Test your "grasp" of geography!! Toss the ball and look under your thumb to learn the name of a new country.  

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Globe Ball

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