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Ridiculously fun rope games for teams

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Use the six Raucous Rope Team Building Games to develop group coordination, creativity, communication, planning, and leadership skills. Whether your storming, forming, norming, or performing, you'll find a perfect game to develop your teams' skills.


  • 3 pre-cut lengths of rope to use in a variety of teambuilding exercises and activities
  • Robust faciliation notes to build a variety of teaming skills:
    • Communication and Listening games
    • Leadership and team coordination games
    • Planning and process improvement games
    • Creativity and solution development games


  • One Liners - Players must form the rope into a “perfect” shape with one line of rope and no overlapping lengths of rope.
  • Group Knot - The group’s challenge is to untie all the knots without anyone letting go of the rope and without repositioning their hand on the rope.
  • Photo Finish Line - Everyone in the group must cross the finish line at EXACTLY the same time. They have only 5 tries to succeed in 15 minutes. 
  • Jumping the River - The goal in this game is to get as many team members across the river as possible, without “getting wet.” 
  • ‘Round the Clock  -  Create a circle on the ground, have all players stand on the rope, so that the sides of their feet are touching those of the people next to them and instruct them to move to another position on the "clock"
  • Moving the Box - Create the shape of a square using a long stretch of rope and place an object in the center of the square and instruct the group that their goal is to retrieve the object without anyone touching the ground inside the square. 
  • AND MORE - we'll email notes for an additional handful of games and exercises to build teams and debrief learning activities.

Raucous Rope Team Building Games come with a complete set of game facilitation and debrief notes and 100 feet of rope: 1 60-foot length and 2 20-foot segments offer maximum flexibility for all sorts of games.

Raucous Rope Games

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