Round TUIT Tokens - Navy and Gold (24/set Wooden)

Don't wait for "a round TUIT"!

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Stop procrastinating! "TUITs" are a great reminder not to wait until you get "around to it" or "a round TUIT."

There's surely no better way to say "Don't procrastinate! Do it NOW" than with these sleek wooden tokens that say "TUIT" on one side, and "Don't Wait" on the other.


  • TUITs are packed in sets of 24
  • Coated wooden nickels measure 1.5" diameter
  • Front side: TUIT
  • Back side:  DO IT! Don't Wait 'Til You Get "A Round TUIT"...


  • With each passing day, students forget a little bit of what they learned. TUITs offer a gentle reminder to try techniques right away.
  • Introduce TUITs at the end of a learning event and ask, "What might prevent you from getting around to applying your new skills?"
  • Have each participant identify an action item, a "to do," or an "IT," which they pledge not to put off.

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Round TUIT Tokens - Navy and Gold (24/set Wooden)

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