Photo Jolts! Card Deck & Book Combo

Leverage the power of photographs to improve yourself, your team, or your organization!

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Are you looking to increase clarity, creativity, and conversation?

Photo Jolts! shows you how to leverage the power of photographs to improve yourself, your team, or your organization. Master trainer Thiagi and SMART as founder Glenn Hughes share 51 activities (with over 300 variations) that are tested and proven to help participants think, talk, and take action.

Written for trainers, teachers, coaches, managers, HR professionals designers and artists, Photo Jolts! provides step-by-step recipes for effective activities in the areas of problem-solving, team building, communication, emotional intelligence, design, creativity, sales/marketing, and global culture.

51 ACTIVITIES: Each of the 51 ready-to-play Photo Jolts! activities includes:

  • A short overview
  • Recommended topics and variations
  • Recommended number of participants and timing
  • Advice for running each activity in a virtual setting
  • A step-by-step script and sample of the activity

Photo Jolts! also includes Templates, video links, worksheets, and a resource guide for buying or choosing your photographs.

The poker-size (2.5" x 3.5") deck of 54 striking images will kick-start any discussion – from culture to teamwork to leadership. They're perfect travel companions for the trainer on the go or for facilitation or one-on-one coaching.

Photo Jolts!™ card decks move learning from your head to your hands. These card sets create energy while encouraging deep thinking and discussion around any topic you choose.

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Great for coaches, managers, facilitators, or individuals; you can use these decks for:

  • Self-reflection
  • Creativity exercises
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Team Conversations

Package include 1 book and 1 deck of cards.