The Warehouse Productivity Challenge

The Warehouse - Productivity Challenge

NOTE: This is a subscription based online product.  The fee entitles the user to 6 months of service for up to a total of 500 participants
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Are you ready to transform your virtual or in-person training into an immersive learning experiences? Trainers Warehouse is happy to introduce you to a highly engaging and fun learning digital platform that can be used in your VIRTUAL, HYBRID and IN-PERSON team-building training and activities.

The Warehouse Challenge | A Race Against Time for Planning, Productivity & Continuous Improvement is an engrossing game that challenges teams to correctly "fulfill orders" from a warehouse to your team store. . How will your teams get organized, communicate among themselves, and check that the order is correctly assembled. What happens when time is tight?

The game is simple, yet deeply layered and multi-faceted. It's a perfect complement to your training when covering topics of leadership, performance improvement, planning and organizing, communication, managing change, and more.


Here's the setup.  You tell your group that they're responsible for a multi-brand retail chain. They'll be competing with all the other stores in the city. Can they compete? Can they fulfill orders quickly and accurately. 

In this high action, high energy game, the team to deliver the order fastest, will win the business! Those submitting incorrect orders will be disqualified, so teamwork is essential to the group's success! Played over the course of 3-7 rounds, teams have the opportunity to improve their timing and minimize errors. The Warehouse activity will put teams to the test and give them lots to talk about in the game review! 


The game starts with a "target order," a mix of products of various types ( you can choose your theme) in multiple colors. It might look something like this:

  • 24 handheld devices in 3 colors
  • 12 servers in red, black, and green
  • 10 personal computers in 4 colors

Using their phone or computer, team members will "grab" each item from the warehouse, then drag and drop it into the "team store." Who will do what? Who will organize and keep track of what's in the team store? Who will count the devices and check the colors for accuracy? Over the course of the game, the orders will become larger and more complex, forcing teams to improve their performance in subsequent rounds, and requiring a wide range of skills and competencies. The fast-paced experience draws out critical team dynamics, leading to a rich, robust post-exercise debrief. 

Here's a short video sample of The Warehouse Productivity Challenge but we also highly recommend that you sign up for a full demo to understand all of its capabilities.


The Warehouse Productivity Challenge is provided via an online portal that you, as the facilitator, will log into to present to your in-person participants or invite your online pariticpants to join the activity in the following ways:

  • Face-to-Face/In-person
  • Virtual/Online
  • Mobile compatible


For Facilitator:

  • Less than 5 mins to set up any game.
  • Flexibility & Customization to suit a variety of learning outcomes
  • Detailed manuals & facilitator resources

For Participants:

  • No download, no logins. Just click or scan and play
  • 100% engagement as all players have to participate
  • Challenging, thought provoking challenges that keeps interest alive throughout


The subscription is valid for up to 6 months and up to 500 participants (players) total. 

Each session is limited to a maximum of 100 participants and even though the game can work for one player and one team, the game should be competitive to be fun.  So we advise having at least 2 teams and the ideal number of players for a game is between 10 -30 with one facilitator in the session.

For example, you could likely expect to have the following range of sessions over the course of 6 months:

  • 5 sessions of 100 participants 
  • 50 sessions of 10 participants

Game Duration: Typically 45-60 mins + Debrief


Once you've placed your order, you will receive a welcome email in a couple of days with the account credentials for the platform where you can access all resources and set up the game. You will have access to the following:

  • Facilitator Guide - robust facilitation notes make facilitating this exercise a breeze and a success!
  • Debriefing Templates
  • Support


  • Agility & Continuous Improvement
  • Managing & Leading Change
  • Execution Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Planning and organizing


Play The Warehouse Game in either of 2 difficulty levels - Simple & Advanced. Choose the experience that will be right for your group. Easily level up to accomodate more experienced groups. You can also choose a product theme that is most suited for your group, from computer hardware to food products, clothing and so on. Choose the experience that will be right for your group. 


After you place your order, the game developer (Kairos) will use your email to set up a facilitators' Dashboard. You will receive a welcome email from "" with your dashboard credentials. They will also offer to set up a game demo or platform walk-through at a convenient time. While the demo is not required, it will help facilitators understand the game experience and the dashboard usage. 


Purchase The Warehouse and receive access to Value Continuum Exercise! You can apply any of your 500 participant limit to either game.  Value Continuum is an activity that helps explore individuals’ mindsets, preferences, and perceptions.


The Warehouse Productivity Challenge

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