Micro Prize Wheel 14" diameter

The smallest and most portable prize wheel available!

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Small Footprint!
Great for Countertop Display

Spin the wheel for instant fun! Use it to motivate your group, award prizes, select questions, choose teams, play learning games, or just play. The Micro Prize Wheel features 10 customizable prize slots and center plate for logo or text.

The Micro Prize Wheel is compact, easy to transport and small enough to fit on a desk or tabletop... virtually any space! The clicking sound builds excitement as it spins, creating fun-filled action. Measures 14" in diameter.

  • Pointer "clicks" between each slot - 10 stops per rotation
  • Easy-to-use templates for MS Word and Adobe Illustrator
  • Add 10 prizes and your logo with templates
  • Prize Wheel can be easily transported

Assembly of the Micro Prize Wheel is made easy with a sturdy tripod-style stand made of high-quality powder-coated steel. The wheel is made of a combination of extra tough ABS plastic and durable PETG plastic. The clicker itself is made of virtually unbreakable nylon plastic, able to withstand thousands of spins.

The Micro Prize Wheel measures 14" wide by 20.8" high by 14" deep. Weighs only 4 lbs.


International customers, please note: We regret that we are unable to ship this item outside of the U.S.

Micro Prize Wheel 14" diameter

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