Getting to Know You Thumball

Get to Know colleagues and friends better with a fun game

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Look under your thumb and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies beneath it. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications! The Getting to Know You Thumball is perfect for work, school, and home settings.

Getting to Know You Thumball questions:

  1. A major decision
  2. A turning point in your life
  3. Someone you'd like to dine with or meet
  4. Favorite way to spend a free afternoon
  5. To Do list item that most reflects you
  6. Family is…
  7. I was named after…
  8. If you could have a room full of any 1 thing…
  9. The best gift you ever received
  10. Your “3 wishes”
  11. Who did you look up to as a kid?
  12. What makes you happy despite any mood?
  13. Last time you said sorry and meant it
  14. What you most value in a friendship
  15. Greatest phobia/fear
  16. Most memorable moment
  17. A chore you absolutely hate doing
  18. Favorite form of exercise
  19. Least favorite mode of transportation
  20. A sound that you love
  21. A new skill you'd like to have (with no effort)
  22. The most difficult thing you've ever done?
  23. The age you'd most want to relive
  24. The age at which you became an adult
  25. An experience that made you a better person
  26. Something you did that got you in trouble
  27. One item on your bucket list
  28. Your claim to fame
  29. What do you love/hate about travel?
  30. You can be invisible for a day. What would you do?

[NOTE: Silver Series Conversation Prompts are available as Thumballs, UNZiP-IT! Pocket & Deck, and Virtual/Remote PPT.]

** TIPS **

Facilitation Suggestions:

Use the Getting to Know You Thumball to interact in a group setting and stimulate lively discussions among players. Take turns circulating the Thumball by passing, rolling, tossing and catching. Ask recipients to respond to the prompt under their right thumb.

If you want to kick it up a notch, try these creative twists:

  1. Specify that answers should relate specifically to personal or workplace experiences.
  2. Ask first recipient to select an answer panel to which all players must respond or contribute.
  3. Survey players on several question panels, then create charts or graphs that reflect the cumulative responses.
  4. After they hear the answer, have other players guess what the prompt was.

©Trainers Warehouse – Trainers Warehouse holds the copyright for this set of questions. Reproductions cannot be made without express approval.


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  • 5
    Great product!

    We used as ice breaker for a group of college students.

  • 5
    It did the job as a fun team building event.

    Used the thumbball during a team meeting for some fun and well.

  • 5


  • 5
    Great ice breaker...

    It was unexpected so the students were very vocal and had fun.

  • 4
    I would like to get more of them

    all the staff had a good time using the balls. it was different and useful. can be used over and over again

  • 5
    Getting to Know you Thumball


  • 5
    new ball

    This is something new for the company and I believe it will be great.

  • 5
    This is an easy icebreaker for meetings and workshops

    I was introduced to the Thumball at a meeting I attended and immediately saw the potential for use as an icebreaker and with team building activities so have purchased several different thumballs for use in my facility.

  • 5
    jsut testing

    just testing email verification function

Getting to Know You Thumball

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