Fiddle Band

Simple-yet-Groovy Fidget Toy

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The groovy colored tie-dye Fiddle Band is a soothing finger fidget toy that lets you focus while quietly keeping your hands busy. Some of the toys in our fidget warehouse are super flashy and fun. Whle this one is pretty basic, our fidgety fingers found it appealing. We played with it by squishing it in half, twisting it around a finger or too, and rotating it inside out. Plus, you can easily stow it away on your wrist!

Note that each Fiddle Band is sold separately and colors are chosen at random.


  • Colorful - Each Fiddle Band is a multi-colored tie-dye style band. [NOTE: colors may vary.]
  • Perfect Size - measuring approximately 2.5" in circumference, fits in the palm of tour hand
  • Tactile Sensation -  Soft rubbery beads feel great on fingertips when twisting and the band can stretch over a fist to roll onto yor wrist for a bracelet
  • Silent - The Fiddle Band is a silent finger fidget making it ideal for situations where silence is golden.


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