Deskmate Student Edition

17 fun ways to help your student learn at home

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DeskMate Student says it, so you don't have to!

Learning from home is hard enough. We know how your students feel when they're trying hard to focus on school or homework, and people keep bugging them. They're noisy or nosy, or both! They come in without knocking. They want to chat or ask a question. Students want to be nice, but they really have to focus on school work. DeskMate Student's 17 signs will let your home learners playfully tell people what they're up to, so they know if it's okay to interrupt or not. The signs say it, so they don't have to!

With so many students learning remotely, use these signs to let the rest of your household know when you are not available - or when you are:

8 signs to show you're in a class, working on a specific subject, or in a group meeting.

4 signs to request quiet time for tests, homework, reading, or other stuff requiring concentration.

S'UP 13-17
5 signs to let people know how you're feeling, how you're doing, or what you need.

DeskMate Student is the newest edition of our popular DeskMate Flip Sign series designed for students who are learning from home. A perfect gift, still compact at 5” x 7”, Deskmate Student is more than 50% larger than our classic Deskmate Product (Code #CLTDDM), so you can be sure that everyone will "get the message"! Signs are printed on both sides, so they're visible from the front and the back. And, as a special feature, the back of the book can be written on with a dry-erase marker (Product Code #DEMNN not included), allowing you to create a personal note.