Super Deluxe Fiddle Set (48/set)

A wide assortment including a LITTLE OF EVERYTHING fidgety for medium-sized groups

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This super-versatile 48-piece collection has a little of everything. It usually contains an assortment including: 

Chill Pill, Bendeez, Brain Noodles, Cheese and Mice, Smiley Guy, Flexiblox, Infinity Cube, Gyrobis, Gum Ball, Glitter Wand, Isoflex Ball, Jeliku, Snap & Click, Loopeez, Loopeez Jr., Mini Gumby/Pokey, Mini Spring, Nuts & Bolts, Pufferball, Brain Putty, Happy Face Squishy Ball, Puffer Snake, Squeeze Stars, SwingOs, Tangle, Koosh, Twiddle, and much more! (substitutions occasionally necessary).

  • Huge variety is great for larger groups
  • Pick the fidget motion you love most: stretching, flexing, squeezing, shaping, molding, etc.
  • Choose between large and small items, durable and delicate, heavy and light, simple and complex
  • Build relaxation and focus in learning events and meetings
  • Help your group feel more at ease!

This terrific set comes in its own durable draw-string plastic storage bag and weighs about 5 lbs.


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    Perfect for creativity workshops!

    I bought two of these (96 total) for a 100-person all-day creativity workshop with 16 tables. I spread them on every table and it really set the fun tone for the event! The items are high quality compared to cheaper fidget toys. When the workshop was over, I told the group they could take one home if they wanted, and not a single toy was left at the end.

  • 5
    I would and have bought this product more than once

    I use these quiet fidgets in specialized bags that children can take intochurch. In with the fidgets are a book and a child's bulletin relating to the gospel lesson that they can read and color. all of these together help parents enjoy the service without having to redirect their children over and over again.