Brain Stress Ball

This is your brain at work!

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Expected in stock on: Dec 18th 2022

With the colorful foam Brain Stress Ball, send a range of metaphoric messages. The MULTI-COLORED BRAIN can represent thoughtfulnss, resilience, openness, change, effort, and appreciation for the fact that things aren't always gray, or black and white!

Stress balls and stress toys are great to:

  • Relieve anxiety
  • Balance the right and left sides of your brain
  • Reduce stress
  • Remind you to have fun
  • Play office games

Foam Brain, measures 3" x 2.5" x 2"D

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  • 5
    Brain Stress Ball Review

    LOVE the Brains!

  • 5
    Good Q&A item

    The brain stress ball is a colorful fun item to toss to trainees for rapid fire Q&A sessions that reinforce classroom instruction and change the pace, refreshing attentiveness to the classroom presentation.

  • 5
    Excellent product,

    To reinforce learning

  • 5
    Everyone wanted one

    Used these as door prizes after giving a presentation about the brain

  • 5
    I will buy this product again and again

    Very appealing to participants, specially if you are talking about Emotional Intelligence. It is a good tool to be used to reinforce learning concepts and for icebreakers.

  • 5
    Great Tool!

    They were appealing because of the colors. They were fun surprises. Many folks wanted one. I only purchased a few for prizes. Planning to order more for next presentation.

Brain Stress Ball