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Turn every quiz, training session, or classroom activity into a game-show style competition with our best-selling answer buzzers! With unique colors and sounds meant to captivate your learners, team buzzers work to build sportsmanship, turn-taking, and teamwork, all while making learning fun. 

Whether you’re shopping for your classroom or your next training session, team answer buzzers will help your discover new learning fun every time you use them.


  • Contains 8 answer buzzers in two sets of four
  • Makes unique sounds (‘Charge!’ and  ‘Laser’)
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
  • Dimensions:  3.5” diameter


  • Classroom games, competitions, & quizzes
  • Tracking student progress during team-based projects
  • Encouraging classroom participation
  • Game nights with family & friends
  • Trivia contests
Buzz in and win games in the home, classroom, or training session with our set of 8 color-coded answer buzzers. Each team’s buzzers make a unique sounds (‘Charge!’ and ‘Laser’), so you’ll always know who’s buzzing in. Help build teamwork and reinforce learning with these easy-to-use buzzers. 

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Team Answer Buzzers

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