Me First!® v.3 Wireless Buzzer System - 1 extra player PAD

Add even more players to your Me First V.3 game set!

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Add-on Me First Player P.A.D.s (Personal Answer Domes) work with the Me First v.3 wireless buzzer systems #GAMFBB, or #GAMFB4.


  • P.A.D.s are sold individually -- order just the number you need. Facilitator remote is needed for this product to work!
  • Each P.A.D. measures 3" diameter
  • Set up to a maximum of 36 players can be created by purchasing these Add-on Player P.A.D.s PLUS a Facilitator unit. (#GAMFBF).
  • 4-player and 12-player sets are also available.

Me First Wireless Game Buzzers allow faclitators to: 

  1. See who rang in first within .001 seconds
  2. Choose whether to block out previous responders or invite everyone to ring in
  3. Pairing Memory enables multiple Facilitator Control Units (placed at least 10 feet apart) to play games concurrent
  4. Track which buzzer had the most right (or wrong) answers
  5. Indicate if participant answered correctly. Lights flash on player's P.A.D. when you press “right” or “wrong” on the facilitator remote
  6. Press and hold RIGHT to see who has the most correct answers
  7. Press and hold WRONG to see who has the most incorrect answers
  8. USB port enables integration with game show software
  9. Easy Snap in battery door


PLEASE NOTE: THESE PLAYER P.A.D.s ARE DESIGNED TO WORK ONLY WITH ME FIRST v.3 (#GAMFBB, GAMFB4, GAMFBF). THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF THE ME FIRST BUZZER SYSTEM. These additional player P.A.D.s cannot be used as stand-alone units. They require a Me First Facilitator Control Unit in order to function.SPECS

  • 80-foot wireless range  [NOTE: The working range of each pad is guaranteed for 50' but it can be as much as 80]
  • 2.4Ghz technology
  • Each P.A.D. uses 3 AAA batteries (included), 3" diam.
  • PADs power off after 45 minutes of non-use, or when facilitator powers off via remote.

View video of V2 Me First demo! (V3 coming soon)

See demo of RIGHT and WRONG buzzer feature on the facilitator remote!


(like JEOPARDY!)

Me First!® v.3 Wireless Buzzer System - 1 extra player PAD

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