Monster Squeeze Balls (set of 4)

These monsters are cute -- and multi-purpose training tools!

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What do you do with these cute MONSTER balls? Anything that helps learners remember what they learned!


Give a monster to each learner at the start of training as a fidget toy. They're wonderfully squeezable and provide mindless fun for learners who need to do something with their hands while listening or working.


Then, at the end of your training event, repurpose the monsters for a fun processing and learning reinforcement activity. Ask participants to find the perfect mnemonic name for their monster -- a name that represents the key learning points that they hope to remember, long after your training session has ended. For instance: 

  • SUE: State, Understand, Explain
  • PETE: Patience, Energy, Try again, Excellence
  • GIMPO: Goals, Impressions, Money, Productivity, Objectives
  • NIBOT: Never Issue Both Orders Together

The magic of mnemonics is that the help our brains bundle information. Because most people remember only 4-7 bits of information in their working memory at one time, chunking information into bundles allows us to hold onto more learning. Furthermore a fun name can increase our emotional connection to the learning event, making it more likely to be stored in long-term memory.


For super long-term retention, imagine your monster and it's name posted to a huge jumbo-tron at your favorite footbool stadium, or perhaps in the lights in Times Square. The bigger and more distinctive the image, the more likely you are to remember.

Sold as a set of 4.  Each ball diameter is 2.25".

Monster Squeeze Balls (set of 4)

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