Team Effectiveness Profile -- Participant Guide & Self Assessment

Take a Team Effectiveness Self Assessment

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Help teams learn how to surface, diagnose, and work through the issues that impede effective teamwork.

For more than 15 years, the Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) has helped teams eliminate or reduce blockages in the 5 vital areas of team activity:

  1. Mission, Vision, and Goals
  2. Team Roles
  3. Operating Processes
  4. Interpersonal Relationships
  5. Interteam Relationships

The Participant Guide Includes 1 print assessment. Order one Participant Guide/Self Assessment for each individual.

The Facilitator Set is sold separately: See product code #RBWTEF

Participant Guide includes:

    • 50-item profile
    • Pressure-sensitive scoring form
    • Interpretive information
    • Descriptions of the 5 team effectiveness areas
    • Discussion guide
    • Action planning