Game Buzzers

Bring gameshow excitement to corporate training and school. Classroom and workplace games truly come alive when facilitators use game buzzers that make players feel like they’re right in the studio! Trainers Warehouse offers a wide range of game show buzzer products to fit any budget. Smart electronic game buzzers will see who rang in first, while simple sound buzzers let teachers hear who rang in first. No matter how you play, don’t forget to structure your games so that every participant has a chance to answer—extend wait times, take turns with the buzzers, and use audience response clickers!

  • The Yes! Button

    The Yes! Button


  • Me First 12-player Wireless Game Buzzers

    Me First!® v.3 Wireless Game Buzzers - 12-user set + facilitator


  • Me First v.3 - 1 extra player PAD

    Me First!® v.3 Wireless Buzzer System - 1 extra player PAD


  • Me First v.3 wireless Game Buzzers - Small Group 4-user Set

    Me First!® v.3 wireless Game Buzzers -4-user Set + facilitator


  • Answer Buzzers; set of 4 colors/sounds

    Answer Buzzers (set of 4) - 4 different FUN sounds


  • Slackers Ninja Timer

    Slackers Ninja Timer


  • The No! Button

    The No! Button


  • Lights and Sounds Buzzers

    Lights and Sounds Buzzers (set of 4)


  • Right & Wrong Answer Buzzers

    Right & Wrong Answer Buzzers NEW & IMPROVED (set of 2)


  • Me First v.3 Facilitator Control Unit

    Me First!® v.3 Facilitator Control Unit


  • Team Answer Buzzers Box

    Team Answer Buzzers