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24 signs to discourage (or invite) distractions!

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24 signs to discourage (or invite) distractions!

Need time and space to get stuff done? We know how you feel when you're trying your hardest to get stuff done and people keep coming to visit, ask a question, request help, tell you a story, share an experience, or just chat. We've created these 24 signs to help you say what needs to be said, in a playful tone.

With so many people working from home, use these signs to let the rest of your household know when you are not available - or when you are available!

DeskMate says it, so you don't have to!

The 24 playful yet direct DeskMate signs let you tell people to GO AWAY… nicely. Signs are printed on both sides, so they're visible from the front and the back. And, as a special feature, the back of the book can be written on with a dry-erase marker (not included), allowing you to leave a note about when you expect to return!

Whether you're in training, participating in a webinar, or just trying to get work done, they're perfect.

5 signs to signal that you're open and available — to catch up, have an impromptu meeting, or whatever.

14 direct, yet friendly, signs to let colleagues know you're concentrating, in the zone, on a lengthy call, or need some peace and quiet.

5 signs to let your team know if you'll be away from your desk for a long time or will be back shortly.

Sturdy calendar-style construction, 4" W x 5" H.

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    I would buy this product again

    This works great but could use some more common themed flip cards

  • 5
    I would recommend to promote fewer distractions

    We are promoting a distraction free work zone environment. This is great when you need to let colleagues know when you are "in the zone"! They are fun and lighthearted, so the messages are well received.

  • 5
    Great Tool for Communicating Availability to Co-Workers!

    This is perfect for the open office environment where it can be hard to find privacy and space to focus when you need it. This is a fun and original tool to let your co-workers know in a friendly way when you're not available for questions as well as when interruptions are welcome!

  • 3
    Hard for others to see due to its size.

    It's a cute product, but not very eye-catching (due to its small size.) It's hard for folks walking into your office to notice it on your desk. It really can't do its intended job of asking people to realize you are busy or in the middle of something.

DeskMate Original

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