Kudos Poster, Peel & Stick, dry-erase, 42" x 26"

Write-on Wipe-off Kudos notes -- Just Peel & Stick!

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It's NOT a cork board! This is a Write-on Wipe-off Giant Poster!

Just Peel & Stick!

Everyone performs better when they feel recognized and appreciated. Rather than waiting for momentous events, take time to notice positive effort every day!

Stick the Kudos Poster on a wall and let anyone write a note of appreciation to a colleague whenever the spirit moves them. Write on the poster with a dry-erase marker, then wipe it clean when you want to start fresh.

The poster is made exclusively for us by Fathead®, so it's backed with top-quality, non-damaging, removable adhesive. Fathead posters are so much easier to put up than traditional dry erase boards because you just peel them off the sheet and stick them on any interior, smooth-surface wall (not concrete). You can move and reuse them anytime and they won't damage your wall. They go up in just minutes!

Includes mini felt eraser, 1 black dry-erase marker, and a squeegee for adhering the poster to a wall.

Poster dimensions: 42” H x 26” W

Kudos Poster FAQs:

What's the board made of?
This is a laminated peel-and-stick poster that LOOKS LIKE a large framed corkboard, but isn't! All you need is a dry-erase marker, to write notes directly on the blank photographed sticky notes . . . and we include the marker for your convenience!

Are the sticky notes already on the board?
Yes, kind of. This is a huge photo of a bulletin board with sticky notes and other stuff on it. There's nothing to stick on and nothing can be taken off -- because it's a photograph!

Do the letters come separately?
Nope! The KUDOS letters are all part of the photograph. It looks 3D, but it's just part of the poster. And, when you peel off the backing, you'll notice that the letters and shadows are part of the cut-out, so it will have the same, cool 3D effect no matter what wall you put it on!

How big is it?
The overall size of the poster is 42" H x 26" W, but it comes rolled up in a mailing tube.