We’re always on the lookout for new products that make learning more innovative, effective and fun. Here you’ll find active learning activities, plus the latest team building resources, appreciation tokens, buzzers, or fidget toys to engage your group in learning and help them remember more, no matter what topic you teach!

  • Tokens of Appreciation Cards Only - NEW (100/set)

    Tokens of Appreciation Cards Only - NEW (100/set)


  • Raucous Rope Games

    Raucous Rope Games


  • Team Answer Buzzers Box

    Team Answer Buzzers


  • Sproing Metal Spring in Box

    Sproing Metal Spring Toy


  • Original Nerf Ball in Box

    Original Nerf Ball


  • We Connect Connection Toolkit

    We Connect Connection Toolkit


  • Trainers EXCHANGE - Annual Subscription

    Trainers EXCHANGE - Annual Subscription


  • Time Trial

    Time Trial Online


  • Escape From Mars

    Escape from Mars!


  • The Expedition Map

    The Expedition Online


  • All Adrift Team Activity

    All Adrift Online




Trainers Warehouse curates best-of-the-best training tools from around the world. You'll find favorite team-building resources and active learning activities from the USA, UK, and beyond. Looking for unusual fidget toys? We've got 'em! Game show buzzers that help you determine who rang in first? Yup, we have you covered there too. Every product we sell is evaluated by our merchandise committee. We consider whether the product is well-made, useful, and worth its cost. We also want to make sure our tools will help trainers and teachers to 1) look and feel professional, and 2) deliver effective, memorable training. Sure we have lots of favorite training tools that have been around for more than a dozen years, but we keep it fresh with new tools and toys, too.  If you have an idea for active learning activities, team-building resources, classroom management, discussion starters, or anything else, let us know. Perhaps we can help you build it or bring it to market.


Whether you teach online or face-to-face, our goal is to help make you the best facilitator of learning that you can be. Use fidgets to deepen learners' focus. Employ debrief tools to ensure that learning is remembered and carried forward. Try card decks to inspire image-based learning. Embrace these 6 brain science principles to stay on top of your game:
  • Images top words
  • Movement tops sitting
  • Talking tops listening
  • Writing tops reading
  • Short tops long
  • Different tops same
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