Session Closers Thumball

Close your Session with Great Discussion Prompts

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End learning session by taking a beat --  a pause to let the learning settle in and allow learners' brains to organize the new information so it can be easily recalled. Take time at the end of class to draw our key learning points and ah-ha moments.


The Session Closers Thumball offers a variety of memory-enhancing techniques. Understand that our brains aren't equipped to remember every single thought that enters. Instead, we remember what we take time to think about. Each of the prompts on this one-of-a-kind Thumball seeks to enhance retention by highlighting memorable points for participants, making them consider goals or challenges of implementation, heightening the emotional impact of the session, and more.

For instance, prompts help learners focus on ...

  • Information and observations learned
  • Top take-aways and AH-HA moments
  • Remaining questions
  • Ways to implement or use information going forward
  • People they can turn to for support and questions, or just to share what they learned.
  • Challenges that pushed their comfort zone


To get the most out of your Thumball experience, consider these tips:

  • Be transparent about your goal. Help the group understand why review is import for memory and recall.
  • Don't rush. Remember that synthesis and retrieval of information takes time -- and a different amount of time for different players. Invite responders to consult with a colleague, or ask that you come back to them for a more thoughtful answer.
  • Move from small groups to bigger groups. Understand that some don't like sharing in a large group. Welcome players to discuss answers with one or two other participants, pool their answers, then share with the group. After that, check in with the whole group. See if all the groups come up with the same responses.

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Session Closers Thumball

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