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Want to increase conversation around a certain topic? Try a deck of Climer Cards 2. The hand illustrated images use the power of metaphors to stimulate meaningful dialogue that helps people connect and understand each other at a deeper level.


SIDE 1: Dr. Amy Climer's latest deck of cards uses 52 new gorgeous and evocative watercolor paintings (that she painted!) to spark metaphors and imagination.

SIDE 2: On the reverse side, find words describing a variety of emotions. This deck is useful for initiating conversations about feelings. It gives players an opportunity to move beyond "good,""fine," and "okay" to describe their feelings, and is a wonderful enhancement to Emotional Intelligence and EQ training. Each emotion is translated from English into French and Spanish. You'll also find that each emotion is written in one of 6 different colors, making it quite useful to help you divide your players into smaller work groups. 


Facilitators can use the two sides indendently, or paired.

  • Images: Spread the cards out with the image side face-up. Pose a question to the group and ask that the pick a card that represents their answer. For example:  Select a card that represents:
    • a personality trait
    • an aspect of your identity
    • a goal for the next quarter
    • how you connect with your company's mission
    • your definition of _______
    • your team's greatest challenge
    • something you hope to learn

Then, invite each person share their card and their thinking.

  • Emotions: Spread the cards out with the emotion words face-up. Ask a question that can be answered with a feeling. For instance: 
    • How are you feeling right now?
    • How are you feeling about our team? 
    • How do you feel about... 
      • changes happening at the company
      • risky new opportunities
      • walking into a crowded room
    • How do you feel when... 
      • you mess up something you're usually very good at
      • you hear about a friend's promotion
      • your team loses a sports match
  • Pair the decks:
    • Consider how the image on the front might (or might not) reflect the emotion on the reverse side.
    • Alternatively, pair the Climer2 deck with the original Climer Card Deck for 104 unique images!


These wildly versatile cards can be used with groups of adults and youngsters: 

  • Coaches use them to get clients exploring new ideas.
  • Facilitators help participants express what they learned.
  • Social workers and counselors use them with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.
  • Teachers help students create connections in class.
  • Parents use them to get kids talking about their day.


  • 52 images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer
  • Directions on use -- but feel free to get creative with endless variations! You can also download a free ebook at
  • 2.5" x 3.5" cards made from high quality, coated paper.
  • Cardboard box to hold the deck

Lead your team, students, or family to deeper conversations with a simple, powerful deck of cards. Creative images offer hundreds of ways to use. Directions included or invent your own activities!

Since 1995, Dr. Amy Climer has worked with hundreds of groups teaching creativity, leadership and change, team development, and facilitation skills.


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Climer Cards 2

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