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PuzzleBlind challenges blindfolded players to assemble a gigantic, humongous, super-sized puzzle.


The game was designed to optimize the team building experience:

  • Each of the 12 pieces are shaped so that each can be uniquely described.
  • Every piece is recognizably different from every other piece.
  • Foam material is extremely light weight so players can move pieces around easily.
  • Giant size makes the activity suitable for groups of 2-6 adults.
  • Multiple completed puzzles fit together, extending the application of the game to inter-group collaboration.
  • Finished puzzle measures 4.5' x 6' / Individual pieces measure approximately 20" x 20"
  • One side of the pieces has a texture, the other is smooth.


When playing PuzzleBlind, facilitators can adjust the experience to focus on a range of communication and teambuilding challenges. Consider some of these options:

  • One coach & many builders - See what happens when only one team member is sighted, and all the others are blindfolded. While the coach is directing one builder, what do the others do? How do they communicate with each other? Are they talking over each other? Do they wait for the leadership of the only one with vision?
  • Two coaches & one builder - Explore how the two coaches interact. Are they both shouting instructions? Is one determining which pieces should fit together, and the other focused on communicating to the builder? 
  • Multiple coaches & multiple builders - Watch to see how they organize themselves and communicate with one another as you add more people to the challenge. Do they include everyone in the group or are just a few interacting?


Be sure you have ample space for the players and the puzzle. The completed puzzle measures approximately 6' x 4.5'.

Depending on the number of coaches and builders you choose, you might opt to keep all the puzzle pieces stacked in a pile or laid out on the ground.


The exercise will be more or less difficult, depending on how you articulate the rules to your group. Try these to start:

  • Only the blindfolded builders are allowed to touch the pieces.

Increase the difficulty by adding these rules:

  • Only the coaches can speak; builders must be silent.
  • All players are blindfolded... no sighted coaches.
  • Each builder can ask only one question of the coach.
  • Only one person can speak at a time.





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