Tabletop Whaddaya Know? Game

Turn your students into their own teachers with this nifty table-top game board!

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Turn your students into teachers! They can make their own popular TV-style game by creating their own questions, answers, and categories with Tabletop Whaddaya Know? Game.

Popular TV-style-like games continue to win big in the classroom. And, what better way for students to show what they've learned than to teach others what they know by making up their own categories and questions?

Have groups of students create their own popular TV-style-like game, which they can then conduct for the rest of the group. Students can easily write their categories and questions on the white dry-erase 2.25" x 4" cards, which stick onto the board with VELCRO tabs.

It's SO portable -- only 3 lbs, and stores flat. Measures 19" H x 22" W.



(like JEOPARDY!)

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    This was great!

    For interactive presentation for health education

  • 4
    Big enough for a small group

    I had a small group of 8 people and they loved it and they learned alot.

  • 5

    I love this! I have trainings where I had been using a homemade game like this and this makes that so much better.It looks professional and it is fun!