Collaborative writing game to build teams

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TeamWriter® is an easy-to-use, collaborative team building game. Fit the pieces together, connect a set of strings to the TeamWriter gismo, and work as a team to write something that's actually legible. 


Facilitators can easily adapt this game to a myriad of applications. For instance, you could have groups:

  • Write the answer to topical question
  • Draw an icon that represents a key learning point
  • Write out a meaningful question or phrase

Once the group figures out WHAT they will right, the next challenge is HOW they will do it. Together they'll have to coordinate:

  • Where is the top of the page?
  • Into which holes should they connect the strings for maximum control?
  • Who will be the group leader?
  • How will you communicate effectively and listen to each other respectfully?

To add difficulty, facilitators can limit the time available to complete the task, limit communication to non-verbal cues only, or blindfold one more players.


The TeamWriter exercise is excellent whether your team is forming, storming, norming or performing! Adapt the dynamic team building activity to any of these important team development goals:

  • Improve team dynamics
  • Solve challenging problems together
  • Break the Ice
  • Improve Communication
  • Build Trust
  • Develop strong leadership


  • 2 guide plates to hold the player ropes
  • 1 stem which holds the guide plates and marker in place
  • 10 light-weight ropes
  • 1 Sharpie brand marker. NOTE: the marker holder is sized to hold a Sharpie(TM) brand marker. If using a different marker, you may need to wrap some duct tape around the barrel of the marker for a snug fit. You will also need to secure a large sheet of paper (flip chart paper works great) or cardboard to the ground.
  • Bag to hold the game parts
  • Facitlitation notes containing game ideas and tips